Goodbye Nintendo NX, Hello Nintendo Switch – Early Thoughts

Fans have been hearing the name Nintendo NX for quite a while, even though Nintendo has been pretty mum on the subject. With the WiiU ultimately failing to live up to the massive success of its predecessor, Nintendo has been pretty quiet about the direction of its next piece of hardware.

Until now.

Everyone, meet Nintendo Switch. This is the next console step for Nintendo and the big theme for this one appears to be portability.

As you can see, this console appears to be pretty versatile, enabling players to play pretty much anywhere. We see people playing traditionally on their couch, pop their controllers in and play it as a handheld device, and even use a kick stand to play it at various other locations. What’s interesting is that besides a traditional controller, these little side controllers can be used as well and even shared with another person. The console seems to be able to adapt to multiple situations which is very intriguing.

For me, one of the more exciting reveals in the trailer was the fact that major third party brands like Skyrim and NBA 2K are not only coming to the system, but look pretty darn good. This fact was a glaring omission from the WiiU, hurting its stock with the hardcore gaming crowd. Who would have thought playing a game like Skyrim at an airport or on vacation away from your PS4/Xbox One/PC would ever have been possible?

Regardless of what you actually think of Nintendo or its latest system, I think we can all agree that this console reveal was handled much better than the one for the WiiU. When Nintendo pulled the curtains back on that system, I remember being confused by the end. Was it just a tablet? Did it use traditional controllers? Was there any other piece of hardware with it?

For some reason, the message was super mixed and as we now know, the WiiU was actually a hardware console and the tablet was just one of many different controller devices. I firmly believe that the bungled WiiU reveal didn’t do the system any favors in the long run. From the general social media reaction, it seems like Nintendo handled this one a lot better as not only did we get a great look at the new system, but the idea of how it works was clearly shown. I for one feel like I understand how this new console functions and that is appealing on a certain level.

Still, there’s a ton of things we don’t know about the system yet. The biggest for many will be the price, especially in the wake of Microsoft and Sony pushing newer, higher end consoles onto the market.

That also goes hand in hand with how powerful the Nintendo Switch will be. As we saw with the WiiU, you can have the most visually appealing games out there, but if it can’t hold a candle to the features being offered by your competitors, people won’t by in. Will the Switch come out of the gate with better specs than the baseline Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hardware or will Nintendo be playing from behind once more?

Considering the system is intended to be portable, the last major question will be with battery life. It’s great to be able to take the thing just about anywhere, but all of that will be undermined if the battery life is extremely poor. I have a hunch that this was a question considered and solved long ago by Nintendo. I hope anyway.

I will admit, after being down on Nintendo, I find the Switch interesting. I’m not 1005 on board yet, but I like the direction Nintendo is going in and will be sure to keep my eye on the future of this device. We’ll see what Nintendo has to say in the coming months leading to its March 2017 launch date.

What did you think of the big console reveal? Are you interested to see more? Let me know what you think in the comments. 

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3 Responses to Goodbye Nintendo NX, Hello Nintendo Switch – Early Thoughts

  1. Mr. Panda says:

    The console reveal was well-done! It sold me on the system. I understand what it is and what it does, and its name, Switch, although a bit odd, does describe its function very well. The message got across, but the true question if it will be enough to garner big sales when it comes out in March. I hope it does well because I look forward to playing console games on-the-go!

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