Final Thoughts on the Second Titanfall 2 Technical Test

It’s been a few weeks since Titanfall 2 opened its doors for players to help test their infrastructure and try out some of the new mechanics coming in the sequel. After a surprising first weekend, Respawn rolled out a number of big changes for the second weekend based on some…how shall we say…vocal and somewhat less than enthusiastic feedback from the community.

Many of you may remember that I unintentionally dedicated a whole week to covering the Titanfall 2 technical test and in an effort to not do that again, I decided to put my thoughts into a video, rather than through text. Some time has passed since I last played and after sleeping on it a bit, here are my final thoughts on how things went on that second weekend.

Like the video? Please, make sure to like, subscribe, and leave a comment if you’re so inclined. While I can’t dedicate a ton of time to making videos, I do really enjoy the process. I have a couple bigger things coming down the pipeline soon, so make sure to stay tuned for that as well.

If you’ve been with me over on my channel, you may have seen me mix in some shorter videos to go along with my typical longer ones. I’ve been trying to post some smaller but interesting types of videos up on there, such as my Triple Golden Gun kill in Destiny or How Lucio cannot be killed in Overwatch. Just some stuff I think is kinda fun.

Either way, thanks for watching folks. Let me know what you thought of the second weekend of testing in Titanfall 2. Was it a welcomed change or are you still holding out for more updates before release?


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