Titantall 2 Tech Test Hoopla and the Respawn Response

Truth be told, I wasn’t planning on writing about Titanfall 2 again this week, mainly because I don’t want to beat you all over the head with the same content over and over. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

With that said, it’s nearly impossible to predict things, and something I didn’t expect to happen so soon actually happened. Respawn Entertainment responded to fans regarding the Titanfall 2 tech test last weekend, detailing what the team is updating with the game based on player feedback.

titanfall 2 cooper and BT

The technical test pretty much caused a huge rift in the community. I was surprised to see a high amount of negativity in the official forums, with people detailing the things they hated about it, along with a bunch of people even hoping the game gets delayed. I mean, when do you hear of things like that, ever?

Sure, there were a bunch of people on there praising the game as well, but the loudest people were the ones who disliked the experience as a whole. While I wouldn’t go nearly that far, I did have some concerns as well in my impressions post from earlier in the week. I also mentioned that I was curious to see how Respawn would use the data to tweak the experience, though I never expected them to actually reveal their plans so quickly.

While I’m not going to go over every point (you can read about that here if you want), I’m going to take a closer look at how Respawn is tackling some of the points I raised:

My Issue #1: While I know many will be happy with the removal of AI fodder to shoot at, it does seem to have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Without the ability to gain points off of grunt kills, calling in titans is a much slower process as players need to take out other players or find ways to score points to fill a meter in order to call down your titan.

Their Response: We still want objectives to be the fastest way to get a Titan, but the goal of every player being guaranteed a Titan per match hasn’t changed. Pilots will once again acquire a small passive amount of Titan meter every few seconds.

My Issue #2: One thing that I noticed is that the titans felt a little more squishy this time around. I don’t know what it was, but man, taking damage really wiped out your health bar and there were times where I’d call in my titan and 30 seconds later have to eject.

Their Response: This is one of the more complex issues to address for several reasons. First, we’ve changed from Titans having energy shields to a new Titan battery system which we believe improves rodeo gameplay and rewards teamwork. As players become more familiar with the system, we expect that Titans will live longer.

Another factor is that the balance of Titan gameplay in the Tech Test build is heavily affected by the limited amount of content we released in the build. For example, some Titans that aren’t in the Tech Test have strong defensive abilities, certain Titan kits provide defensive upgrades, and even Pilots have a boost that can improve Titan defenses.

Lastly, there has been a lot of tuning since the Tech Test build that will tone down the amount of damage many weapons deal to Titans.

So there you go, some interesting developments coming to titans within the game. Pilots also got some love as well as air speed and wall-running will make them faster and Respawn actually found a hidden bug which was preventing players from accumulating and retaining speed while chaining together wall-runs.

Some of the changes will be going live this weekend for the next test, though we don’t specifically know which ones as complete change list has not been posted at this time. Players will need to check back on the forums later this week to see the complete list.

Overall, I think these updates will go far to satisfying disgruntled veterans and keeping the newer players happy. It’s all about striking that balance, and if this past weekend was any indication, the studio should be expecting another landslide of feedback after this coming test. It should be interesting to see how both players and the studio respond.

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