A Handful of Changes I’d Like To See With Destiny 2

When it released two years ago, Destiny proved to be a very divisive experience for many. Player hype was through the roof, and frankly, there was probably no way that the game was ever going to reach fan expectations, similar to another recently released and divisive game called No Man’s Sky. While we now know how troubled the development period was, Destiny is a game that has clearly evolved since its original, “vanilla” release.

The game has already seen multiple expansions, with the next major iteration arriving next month. Each expansion has steadily improved upon the formula, correcting many things players disliked or generally wanted from the base game. NPC characters like Cayde-6 have seen a rise in importance, The Taken King expansion finally fleshed out the world by giving players a cohesive story line to follow along with cutscenes, and general quality of life improvements have enhanced the already great gunplay.

Destiny Moon Wizard

For all of the improvements the game has seen, there are still some things that are still lacking in Destiny. With Destiny 2 currently in active development, I figured it was a good time to take a look at some of the things I’d like to see when the eventual sequel arrives sometime next year (probably). Bungie has clearly learned a lot from these past two years, and I’m really hoping that knowledge is being put to good use for the sequel.

I won’t lie here, many of these ideas came from Tom Clancy’s The Division. While that game has issues of it’s own, it is a Destiny-like experience that manages to improve on many things that Destiny doesn’t do well.

So how can Bungie improve Destiny? Here are my ideas:

Matchmaking, Matchmaking, Matchmaking!
This is an area where Bungie absolutely needs to take a page out of The Division’s playbook. Ever since the game first launched, certain end game content such as Nightfall strikes and Raids do not feature matchmaking, meaning solo players are left out int he cold. Either group up with friends, or join third party websites in order to coordinate efforts to partake in some of the more interesting content the game has.

And why is it like that? The Division features matchmaking for everything, making sure that players of all styles can check out the content n the game. I’m assuming at this point, restrictions stem from processes put in place from the start, meaning that it would take a complete overhaul in order to change this restriction. Obviously, something that can’t happen in a now two year old game. That’s why I’m hoping Destiny 2 launches with this feature on day one. Time to be more inclusive to solo players, Bungie.

Less focus on Grimoire Cards
Vanilla Destiny players quickly discovered that if they wanted more information on the world of Destiny, story, characters, and everything else, they’d have to venture to a website to read about it.

While this aspect has been improving with each new expansion, lets not try and pretend that these things are more than what they are. Granted, I’m sure some of you like these things, but they were really just a stop gap and a quick solution to the story being gut months before the game launched. It’s well publicized. Personally, I have little to no interest in going to read about the story for a game I’m playing by going outside of the experience. I want the story to be integrated into the game. Hopefully, Destiny 2 places less of a focus on things like these and fleshes out the world inside of the game rather than outside of it.

The Old Russia Wasteland

Cutscenes and Story
Speaking of lore, vanilla Destiny did a really poor job explaining things as you’re playing through the game, including its story. What’s the giant orb in the sky? Why was my character initially dead? What is the Darkness? These are relevant questions that the story never really answers through the main story line, and a hugely missed opportunity in my opinion.

As more and more post-launch content was released including the excellent Taken King expansion, you could see Bungie had learned from past experiences. The Taken King gave fans what they wanted by featuring story heavy cutscenes, an actual cohesive story, and making many of those previously useless NPC characters relevant by getting them more involved along the way. Rise of Iron looks to continue this trend and I’m hoping vanilla Destiny 2 will start things off on the right foot, rather than needing a few expansions to get it right.

Quality Loot
Another thing Destiny struggled with was providing meaningful loot. We all remember the Cryptarch memes that rose out of the first few months of gamers getting basically nothing good from that stingy man. You know things are bad when players are willing to shoot at monsters spawning in a cave over and over just to potentially score something decent.

Again, updates have improved things in favor of the player, but I feel like this element could be even better. Okay, maybe not quite on the levels of say Borderlands or Diablo, but I’d love to see loot and gear have a bigger focus and drop more often. Out in the world, engrams don’t drop nearly as often as I’d like them to, meaning most of the loot is gained after finishing a Crucible match or some other event. Why can we get more drops out in the wild like most loot based games? Not only would it make people want to play more, it helps justify the time that people sink into the experience. Is there anything worse than playing something for an hour and feeling like you’ve made no progress whatsoever?

More Locations
When it was first announced, many believed that Destiny would span the entire solar system, letting players explore different planets. Obviously, that wasn’t the case and may have been more ambitious than anything else. It’s worth noting that more areas have opened over the years Destiny has been active but for players who thought there would be meaningful content on other planets like Neptune or Jupiter, it never happened. I’d love to see new areas open up in the existing planets such as Earth (other than Russia) as well as see some new exotic locations on other planets as well like Mercury (I know there are some Crucible maps here already). The galaxy is huge, so there’s definitely a ton of potential here.

Those are my big wants, but what about you? What are you hoping changes in Destiny 2? Hit me up int he comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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12 Responses to A Handful of Changes I’d Like To See With Destiny 2

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I want larger party sizes for PvE content, scalable PvE content (anywhere from 2 to 9 would be great), and a more class-based structure to the PvE content.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I’ve always felt that Destiny’s greatest issue was it’s failure to get us involved with its world. Now perhaps that’s too tall an order for a game that’s heavily reminiscent of an MMO, but I still think it’s a problem. From day 1 I’ve never cared one bit about what’s going on in the “story”. None of it is “real” to me. The Last City might as well just be the Tower. Earth might as well be one big wasteland like the Cosomodrome. The other planets might as well be a whole bunch of empty spaces; there’s no reason to care about them and no reason to get excited about the thought of going to them.

    Get us involved in this City! Give us a reason to find the other locations exciting! Show us why we should care even one little bit about the events playing out in the so-called “story”!

    Oh, and a new subclass would be nice too I guess. 😀

    • 100% Agree. Personally, I hate the card system they have in place, it’s useless for me as I’m not going to go look at them in any way. I will say, each expansion has improved this aspect and Rise of Iron looks to detail those crazy Iron Lords and their story, but yeah, compared to other games, Destiny still comes up short.

      I like to think that Bungie now knows how important this is and will make sure Destiny 2 fixes this problem on day 1. I hope anyway…

  3. I’ve played through the new campaign missions for RoI, and I have to say it’s a continuation in the right direction. But as good as it is, along with what TTK was and how good that expansion was, I feel like Destiny is still missing an “X-factor.” Like something specific that keeps everyone completely invested in the game. I don’t have a clear idea on what just yet, but that certain “X-factor” to keep us all interested is something I want to see implemented into Destiny 2. I enjoy your discussion and content, keep it up!

    • Hey, thanks for reading!

      Definitely agree with you, Destiny could really use a deep hook to keep fans satisfied long after it’s released. While RoI is great, I wonder how long it’ll take fans to yearn for new stuff to do. We saw it a few months after The Taken King and considering RoI is shorter, I wonder if we’ll hear things sooner.

      Taken King and Rise of Iron definitely push the game further in the right direction so I’m hoping that a fresh start like Destiny 2 will result in a fantastic experience right out of the gate.

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