E3 2016 Predictions: Sony

It’s that time of year again! With E3 2016 breathing down our necks, I figured now is a great time to take a look at some of my predictions for this year’s show. As usual, I’ve broken my picks down into three categories: sure things, 50/50 chances, and the very New England-esque “wicked longshots” which is my stereotypical way of saying this probably won’t happen but I’d love it to. 

Without further adieu, here are my picks for Sony.

Many fans would agree that Sony came out swinging last year. There was a lot to love, even if a much of it focused on games that were planned for release over a year out, or for some, like Shenmue III, were simply an idea that needed help on Kickstarter.

playstation e3 2015

That’s why to me, Sony represents the long term planner. A company that doesn’t mind getting the crowd overhyped even for games that may not arrive for quite some time. It’s certainly a stance that isn’t really utilized by their major competition who instead focus on the near term.

Right, Nintendo?

In addition to seeing more on Horizon Zero Dawn, PlayStation VR, and Destiny, I’m also hoping we’ll finally see what Sucker Punch has been cooking up these past few years. Will we also get the chance to topple another pantheon of Gods? Will there be another giant bird dog sighting?

Find out after the jump!

Sure Things

Next God of War – I don’t think it’s any big secret that Sony Santa Monica is working on God of War. I believe they’ve even stated as such in the recent past. The public eye has been off of them for a few years now, so it’s time to show off their hard work. I’m betting that Kratos isn’t involved, which may align with the rumors that the next game is moving pantheons as well. My guess is Sony will pull a Bethesda by revealing the game and then announcing that it’ll arrive later this year in October or November.

Horizon: Zero Dawn New Gameplay – As one of Sony’s major first party titles, this one is a given. Mark it down.

The Last Guardian Details – Shockingly revealed for the first time in years last year, my guess is that Sony is finally ready to really pull the curtain back on this thing. It’s been in development for almost 10 years, so it’s time. My guess is that a release date will finally be given, and it’ll be later this year. I personally don’t think this game can afford any more delays with the fan base considering it’s VERY troubled past.

the last guardian trico

PlayStation VR – Sony’s next big thing is virtual reality and you can bet that this thing will be there in full force.

No Man’s Sky – With Sony treating this game as a first party title and with release oh so close, it’s a very safe bet that fans will be seeing more about this game at the show.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare/Modern Warfare Remastered – Even though Activision isn’t bothering with thier own booth at E3, their partnership with Sony makes that point irrelevant. Call of Duty will absolutely be featured and if I had to put money on it, don’t be surprised to see meaty gameplay from both Modern Warfare Remastered (either campaign or multiplayer comparisons to the original) and a mission from Infinite Warfare as per tradition.

Sucker Punch – I’ve been going back and forth on where to put this one, but considering it’s been a few years since we’ve heard ANYTING from thiss tudio, I’d have to imagine that they’re ready to talk about what’s next. I hope anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was inFAMOUS related, but I could also see them trying their hand at something new considering the last five titles from them have been in the inFAMOUS universe.


Final Fantasy VII Remake – A big surprise in a show filled with many last year, I’d expect some gameplay to be shown off this year. Fans will likely go nuts.

Kingdom Hearts III – Another long awaited title, I feel like gameplay may finally be shown, but I wouldn’t be surprised by just another trailer leading to much fan disappointment.

Shenmue III Update – Announced on stage last year, I’d imagine Yu Suzuki would like to give everyone an update on how that crowdfunding money has been spent over the past year. Part of me wants to say they’ll have a game demo ready, but I’d imagine some sort of trailer is more likely. Either way, fans should be getting more information in a few weeks.

Destiny Rise of Iron Expansion – Rumors have been swiling recently over a leaked photo showing off something that appears to be an upcoming expansion. With all the flak Bungie got earlier this year for a serious content drought, it looks as though they’re aiming to prevent that from happening again with Rise of Iron. Since Bungie/Activision and Sony have a very successful Destiny partnership, expect to see at least a trailer and a release date in September.

50/50 Chance

Crash Bandicoot Revival – Last month I would have probably put this into the longshot category but I recently saw a tease from a former Crash Bandicoot voice actor. Needless to say, I bumped it up a level. Plus, why would Naughty Dog randomly throw that game in Uncharted 4. Connect the dots here people!

Gravity Rush 2 – I have no idea, but since a remastered version came out somewhat recently, maybe it was a move to get the brand back in people’s minds. It’s a unique concept, so why not?

More Vita Games…Maybe – I’m so unsure of this one, that it could easily be penciled in as a longshot. It’s no secret that the Vita has been essentially left behind by Sony. Sure there’s a release or two every few months or so, but the offerings have really slowed to a crawl that many believe Sony is done with it. So maybe Sony surprises fans with one or two big game announcements for the Vita, a show of good faith if you will. Then again, they could just as easily skip over this piece of hardware as well, sticking to their core PS4 audience.

PlayStation NEO – Yes, it’s not all games here on this list! The big rumor recently is that Sony and Microsoft are working on console upgrades, beefier new machines that are packing more under the hood. With all eyes on E3, what better time to show it off to the public than on stage? Wouldn’t it be crazy if they revealed that the console is now on sale as well?

Wicked Longshot

Shadow of the Colossus Remastered – A definite pipe dream for sure, but what if Sony used the successes of Shadow to help drive excitement for the perpetually delayed Last Guardian? Or maybe it’s more of a goodwill move, for all of the trouble the game has been under. Why not develop a remastered version and bundle it with The Last Guardian, similar to what Microsoft has done with some of their first party games like Quantum Break?

Kojima Productions Reveal – It may be wayyyyy too soon for this, considering he left Konami in December 2015, but maybe Sony surprises everyone by showing off a CGI trailer for whatever Kojima is working on next? I mean, we all know Sony is notorious for showing things off way in advance. This would certainly amp up the crowd.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Personally, I feel like this game is happening either way. It’s in the “Longshot” category mainly because I’m not sure if Rockstar would choose to show this game off with Sony or on their own. Everybody knows that Sony is the current market leader, and Rockstar still kind of owes them for not doing anything with that exclusive title Agent, so maybe this is how they “fix” that? Either way, RDR2 will be a multiplatform game, unless Sony paid through the nose for exclusive rights. What a Microsoft-esque move that would be, eh?

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12 Responses to E3 2016 Predictions: Sony

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I wouldn’t mind some remasters, SotC being chief among them. Also, I think the rumor is that God of War 4 will have Kratos, just in a different mythology, which is lame.

    I also am kind of hoping for a return of Killzone or Resistance.

    • I understand how “big” Kratos is as a character but man, if they somehow force him into a different pantheon….I don’t think I’d be on board with that. Just start over and give us a relevant character to go with that setting. Just my two cents anyway.

  2. GamingPicks says:

    Pretty much what I’m expecting. I would add Sony Bend’s new game (probably called Dead Don’t Ride) and I’m sure we aren’t going to see new Crash Bandicoot. I’ve doubts about Sucker Punch’s new game, it’s two and a half years since Second Son, but if it’s a new IP, maybe it will be unveiled later. Good post!

    • Thanks!

      Maybe it’s all these annual releases that are messing with my mind, but I feel like Sucker Punch should be more than ready to show off what they’re working on. I’ve enjoyed their previous work, so I’m hoping to finally get a glimpse as to what gamers can expect to see.

  3. Red Dead Redemption 2! I agree, it’s a long shot but would be so cool to get a little something about that! I’m also looking forward to more Horizon Zero Dawn and the Destiny expansion, as I am desperate for new content in Destiny– hope it includes some nice single player stuff!

    A little disappointed about the No Man’s Sky delay just because we’ve waited so long already, so I’m not sure what they’re going to show off that isn’t already out there, except MORE gameplay? Let’s just play the thing ourselves already! haha But that’s another conversation… 🙂

    • I have a good feeling about Red Dead 2. I’d be shocked if Sony got exclusive rights to it though, as the cash payment would have to be massive in order for Take Two to consider locking out another platform.

      I’m super excited about the idea of Horizon Zero Dawn, even after the short demo last year. I can’t wait to see more on it.

      I agree with Destiny 100%. I’ve kinda done/tried everything with the April update, and the whole redoing everything each week (Prison of Elders for sure) is starting to get a little stale for me. I hope this is a full fledged expansion like The Taken King was.

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