Brace Yourself! It’s The April Fools Day Round Up for 2016

One of the most divisive holidays has come and gone leaving a wake of destruction in it’s path: April Fools Day. It seems like this holiday divides the gaming community like no other, as companies push out fake news or gameplay elements, that can sometimes be an actual good idea.

Personally, I didn’t find this year to be quite as exciting as years past, but there were still a few good pranks on display. What was your favorite from this past Friday? Here’s a few of the ones that got a chuckle out of me.

Horse Armor to the Next Level
By: CD Projekt RED
Horse armor DLC is generally view poorly by the gaming community, but you may be changing your tune when you see what CD Projekt RED has in store for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Check it out here: 

SMITE New God Reveal
By: HiRez Studios
HiRez has added a ton of new gods to their third person action MOBA SMITE over the years, but I don’t think you’ve seen anything as goofy as this. Added bonus? The announcer battle that escalates through the video.

Check it out here:

Remedy Heroes Try Out Quantum Break
By: Remedy Entertainment
Ever wonder what Alan Wake and Max Payne thought of Jack Joyce and his time manipulating adventure Quantum Break? Remedy has you covered.

Check it out here:

Dark Souls Coming To VHS
By: FROM Software
Contrary to popular belief, VHS isn’t a dead platform! For those wanting to experience a new chapter in the Dark Souls III universe, you won’t want to miss the upcoming movie adaptation. Coming soon to VHS!

Check it out here:

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gets New Art Direction
by: Eidos Montreal
Tired of the Black & Gold theme of Deus Ex? Yeah, Eidos Montreal would agree with you, which is why they’ve decided to use the recent delay to “fix things” a bit.

In all seriousness, I love the production value on this. It totally reminds me of what Volition did for Red Faction Guerrilla when they announced the Ostrich Hammer. Lets not forget, that this majestic weapon actually made it into the game, so perhaps a Pink and White mode is incoming?

Check it out here:


Blizzard’s Yearly Offering
By: Blizzard
There’s no question that Blizzard lives for April Fools Day considering their offering is typically substantial. 2016 is no different so here’s what Blizzard put out this year:

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2 Responses to Brace Yourself! It’s The April Fools Day Round Up for 2016

  1. Haha thanks for sharing these! Totally missed most of them.

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