Emergent Storytime with Tom Clancy’s The Division

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Ubisoft’s most recent open world game, The Division, has finally released to the public and with it comes more opportunities for emergent gameplay. While I haven’t found as many random and dynamic events tanking place on the ravaged snow covered streets of post-pandemic Manhattan, I did run into an interesting situation the other day.

While most people would assume that the best emergent stories come from places like the PvP enabled Dark Zone, I found out recently that isn’t always the case.

The Division header

While patrolling around the Clinton neighborhood, only a stones throw from Times Square, I decided to tackle a bounty mission that tasked me with taking down a local thug named Simon Burris, now a member of the violent Rikers faction. Not wanting to follow the in-game marker assuming it would take me through a longer path, I ran a different way, sure that this would be the fastest route. While I was right in that regard, it was also vastly more dangerous, taking me very close to a nearby group of cleaners led by a lvl 18 elite boss who was strapped into like 5 different flamethrower tanks.

Doing my best to completely ignore that group, I made my way to the mission marker maybe 50 feet down the road. When I began my assault against his first lieutenant, I started getting shot from the opposite direction. Of course, that same group of Cleaners decided they wanted a piece of me as well, which was a problem because that group was 2-3 levels higher than I was. Flying solo, I wasn’t equipped to handle an assault on two fronts and went down fairly easily.

As I respawned and considered what my next move should be, I continued to hear yelling and gunfire. I moved slowly out from my spawn point and noticed that the Cleaners and Rikers were now fighting each other, essentially doing the work for me. Both sides did significant damage to the other, and when the first lieutenant finally went down, I watched as that level 18 elite boss waddle his large behind back to his spawn location, obviously satisfied with the work he put in.

The Division LMB

Seeing an opportunity, I continued my assault on Burris, taking down his other lieutenant and finally pushing towards the heavily armored man in question himself. One thing that never left my screen however, was the yellow marker above that elite Cleaner boss character. As I prepared to strike against the Rikers gang, I noticed a red blip appear on my minimap behind me. Terrified, I turned around to see Mr. 18 himself waddling back in. Again, this was not a fight I could handle on my own as taking fire from a group and fire from a high powered flamethrower would spell the end for me very quickly.

Seeing an opening, I quickly ran up a nearby staircase and out of view. My plan had worked, and once again, The Cleaners and Rikers groups were at each others throats. I waited the fighting out behind cover up stairs and oddly enough Simon Burris managed to overpower the Elite boss, taking him down though not before loosing the majority of his gang in the process. With a weak bounty left standing, I jumped back down and finished the job at hand earning some hard fought loot and XP in the process.

So thanks for the help flamethrower man who’s name escapes me. Even though you proved to be a pain in my ass, in the end, you certainly made my job a lot easier. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some more stories for you all, as the Dark Zone is an area which certainly has massive potential for some unique shenanigans.

Have any of you had any interesting experiences in an open world game like The Division? Feel free to share your stories below in the comments.


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4 Responses to Emergent Storytime with Tom Clancy’s The Division

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    While I’ve never had anything quite this epic happen, I’ve found that enemies definitely do not like to give up the chase in The Division. It’s kind of cool, because a couple of time’s I’ve accidentally started a big cross-fire between two factions when trying to take on one of the many encounters on the map. It doesn’t necessarily make things easier, but it does help the city feel “alive” and not just a static sandbox to run around in.

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