The Current Happenings At Gamer Crash

Hey everyone, just a quick little update today.

While things remain pretty much as they have been, me posting stuff every few days during the week, I’ve been trying to ramp up my video production work. For those who don’t know, I do have a YouTube channel, that I’ve been running for a few years now. I’ve uploaded everything from gameplay segments, walkthrough guides, weird glitches, prediction videos, and other stuff that I’ve managed to record in games that I’ve felt was pretty cool.

The main problem however has been time, which never seems to be on my side. I can stretch myself pretty thin sometimes between real life stuff, various side activities I’ve got going on, and whatever else is currently on my plate. As a result, my posting schedule was all over the place. Sometimes I’d go on a solid run, uploading a new video every week, but more often than not I’d go silent for a month or two after. Still, when 2016 rolled around, I made it a goal for myself to pick up the pace a little bit and provide a little more consistency to when I upload.

Here, let me break it down a bit more for you:

In order to accomplish that, I knew I’d have to start embracing other elements to my channel, such as doing Let’s Plays or streaming content through Twitch. So far, everything has gone swimmingly and I’ve managed to push a lot of new video content up on my channel. I also just started posting my first ever Let’s Play focusing on that sleeper hit Valkyria Chronicles, which is coming soon for PS4 owners. So if you haven’t yet, head on over and check things out. Yes, this whole post was kind of a shameless plug for my channel, but if you’re someone that had no idea I even made videos, then doing this was totally worth it.

I’ve got a lot more planned so stay tuned and thanks as always for hanging with me!

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