Now Arriving: Games of January 2016

Happy New Year everyone, it’s 2016 and time for a fresh start. Thanks for stopping by the site after what I’m assuming was a raucous night last night. Am I right or what?

January is typically a slow month and the same thing applies this year. While last year we got the surprisingly good Dying Light, this year seems to continue that trend with a few interesting games to say the least. For many of you however, this may be the “calm” before the February/March storm of releases.

While there isn’t a “big” name hitting this month, there are certainly some interesting choices. Life Is Strange has been a surprise hit with fans when each episode launched digitally last year and now, for people who may have missed or passed over the series, they can get the complete edition at retail. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers has also been a hit with critics are pre-release events, so if you’re looking for some fun times, that’s an option as well.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my Gamer Crash Awards for 2015, highlighting some of the best titles that I played last year. Don’t forget, I’ll also have my 2016 look ahead post up soon where I point out some interesting titles coming this year.

The complete release list for January can be found after the jump…

Xbox Exclusives
Sony Exclusives
Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel (PS4) January 5
Nintendo Exclusives
Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS) January 26
PC Exclusives
Multiplatform Releases
Resident Evil Origins Collection Jan 19 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Life Is Strange (Retail Version) Jan 19 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Jan 26 – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, WiiU, 3DS, Vita, PC
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