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Gamer Crash Awards

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! My present to you is the next award for Best Character of 2015, enjoy!

I’m a big fan of compelling characters in games. Whether it’s someone you love to hate or a person worth rooting for, these characters bring a little extra something to the table. 2015 graced us with a sizable list of characters with that certain ‘X’ factor so narrowing the list to something manageable was a bit tougher than in years past. Without further adieu, here are some of my favorites from the year that was.

and the nominees are…

Cayde-6Cayde-6 (Destiny, Destiny: The Taken King)
I think people were naturally drawn to this Exo Hunter because he’s voiced by Nathan Fillion, but to be honest, the character didn’t come into his own until The Taken King expansion launched this past September. Fillion was given significantly more lines of dialogue to work with and was a major player in the plot line in the fight against Oryx. Players got to see the roguish charm Cayde is working with and also the humorous banter that I think many players initially expected out of the character from the beginning.

Frye TwinsJacob and Evie Frye (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate)
In my opinion, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has been lacking a charming and iconic lead character ever since Ezio Auditore made his debut in Assassin’s Creed II. With Syndicate, Ubisoft has once again captured that magic with the Frye twins. Paul Amos voices Jacob who tends to be the the more sarcastic and charming rogue, capable in a fight, while Evie (voiced by Victoria Atkin) represents the more stealth and tactical side of the equation. Both don’t mind battling fits and taking shots at one another when the time calls for it, and they both play off each other wonderfully. This is the first time in a while that I hope both characters return for another entry.

Tales from the Borderlands GortysTales from the Borderlands loader botLoader Bot and Gortys (Tales from the Borderlands)
I’ll be honest, I did not expect to see these two here, but they left a massive impression on me after playing through each of the episodes. What could have been very wooden and generic characters actually turned into the some of the most memorable ones, even against some stiff competition like Handsome Jack, who won this award back in 2012. Loader Bot is a scene stealer with is robotic deadpan delivery and Gortys is just adorable and naive as she’s not aware of many human traits and behaviors such as sarcasm. There’s also a bit of affection between the two, whether it’s robot love or a brother/sister thing going on…well, I’ll leave that up to the fan sites out there.

Witcher 3 Bloody BaronPhilip “Bloody Baron” Strenger (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
So far, the characters I’ve listed have all represented a positive type of trait, acting as someone that the player enjoys seeing or interacting with. The Bloody Baron doesn’t quite fit that mold, as he’s someone who’s made some poor life choices shall we say. While this man may be reprehensible, his quest line in the Witcher 3 is one of the best the player comes across. It’s very involved and will see Geralt working with him to find his family. There’s a ton of great twists and turns which I won’t spoil here, and how the quest ultimately players out is determined by a few different factors, some of which the player won’t know until the end. There’s some great writing and character development going on through the course of the quest line, and it’s one that will stay with the player long after the credits roll.

Fallout 4 TravisTravis Miles (Fallout 4)
Sure, Fallout 4 has some great characters, but I picked the Diamond City radio DJ, Travis Miles, for his pretty interesting quest line within the game. Not only is the quest line entertaining, but Travis under goes a pretty radical character progression, ultimately becoming more confident in himself and his DJ ability. The difference really is night and day and something I really didn’t see coming at all. Sure, he’s not a “prominent character” in this massive game, but he’s one you’ll be listening to for quite a while on your adventures.

JC3 Mario Frigo SmileMario Frigo (Just Cause 3)
Rico Rodriguez’s longtime friend from Medici and someone who apparently enjoys to cosplay as Avalanche Studios own Roland Lesterlin, Mario is kind of the comic relief in a way. Initially, Mario comes off as a bit goofy and not very capable of handling himself in a fight, but as the player continues playing, more and more layers are peeled back of his history with Rico. Not only is Mario the one responsible for helping Rico escape Medici when General Di Ravello takes over, but the man single handedly forms a rebellion in an effort to reclaim his homeland from tyranny. While the man may be subpar at combat, he knows his vehicles and is a worth ally for Rico Rodriguez.

And the winner is…

Winner: Loader Bot and Gortys
This was a tough one because the characters listed above are all great. When the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands hit and fans saw Loader Bot for the first time, I knew he was already a standout character. I’ll be honest though, I kind of thought Telltale was planning to use him primarily as a gag in Episode 1 and that would be the end of it. I’m glad I was wrong because not only does Loader Bot basically steal every scene he’s in, he’s also given an ace in the hole partner with Gortys. These two are hilarious in their nativity and straightforwardness, but that’s really what makes them work so well. They’re robots, and they don’t pretend to be anything else. Human emotions? Don’t have time for that. I hope the adventures continue for these two in whatever else Telltale is cooking up for this series.

Tales from the Borderlands Cards

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7 Responses to Gamer Crash Awards 2015: Best Character

  1. simpleek says:

    Definitely agree about Gortys and Loader Bot. They’re arguably one of my favorite things about Tales From the Borderlands, which isn’t to say there aren’t other things to love about the game as a whole, but these two really stand out. I found myself laughing the hardest when these two were in a scene together or separately. And Gortys is really adorable. I just wanted to hug her and have one just like her! Great list all around.

  2. Nice list! There are some in here I wouldn’t have thought of, and a few games I haven’t played yet. I agree about the Bloody Baron questline being really interesting, whatever you think about him! I’m really excited to play Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at some point soon, too… keep hearing great things and the fact that the characters are well-done just makes me more interested. 🙂

  3. Hatm0nster says:

    Cayde-6 is the only one I know on this list, but it sounds like I missed something cool with Tales from the Borderlands!

    • Tales really surprised me man. It’s weird when you consider that Borderlands is a loot based FPS, and that this is a narrative driven style game, but it really works! Telltale really captured the essence and humor of the borderlands series and turned it into a great game.

      • Hatm0nster says:

        Will have to give it a shot then. The only Telltale game I’ve played all the way through is The Wolf Among Us, but that was surprisingly good too. Still waiting for news on that second season…

        • I’m a Telltale novice as well as Tales is the first game from them I’ve played all the way through. I did play an episode or two of The Walking Dead (S1) which was good but I never felt compelled to see to the end.

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