Gamer Crash Awards 2015: Best WiiU Exclusive Game

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It’s no secret that Nintendo just hasn’t been able to find its groove with the WiiU. It’s an unfortunate fact because there are a lot of great exclusive games on this system, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t worked. With the new “NX” console rumored to be arriving next year and a limited release schedule left for WiiU owners, it certainly seems like the writing is on the wall with this console.

With all of that said, 2015 saw a number of great titles released for this underrated system and while I still may be catching up on many of the games I missed in prior years thanks to being a newer WiiU owner, I did manage to pick up a few titles this year. So before we jump ahead to Nintendo’s offerings in 2016, lets look back at some of the best WiiU exclusive releases from 2015.

Here’s my list for the best WiiU games this year.

…And the nominees are…

yoshis woolly world boxartYoshi’s Woolly World
Attention to detail is an important X Factor for me, and Yoshi’s Woolly World has it in spades thanks to it’s unique and visually appealing yarn vibe. Everything looks like it was lovingly crafted by hand using yarn or other crafting fabrics, and seeing the world unravel or get pulled apart really doesn’t get old for me. The game may not be as difficult as your traditional Mario platformer, but Woolly World is a visual treat for the eyes, is a hell of a lot of fun, and may even pull that collector spirit out of you with the various flowers, yarn, and stamps hidden in each world. It also gives me Yoshi’s Island vibes at times and that cannot be understated considering that’s my favorite Mario game.

Super Mario Maker ArtSuper Mario Maker
Getting a chance to tinker around with Mario through easy to use controls? Sign me up, no questions asked. Seriously though, this is a game that didn’t surprise me, because upon it’s reveal, I was singing its praises to anyone that would listen. Being able to create levels from the four major Mario eras: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros is a fantastic experience. Being able to share and download other creations from gamers or Nintendo developers ensures that this game will have a massive lifespan, along with the fact that Nintendo has loaded up this game with an unheard of amount of secrets as well. Another gem in the WiiU’s crown.

splatoon box artSplatoon
I’d be lying if I said Splatoon wasn’t a driving force behind me picking up a WiiU. It was something about the style and the gameplay hook around using brightly colored ink to claim victory that really appealed to me. It wasn’t so much about shooting other people as it was making sure the ground had more of your team’s color than the opponent. As gamers, we’re subjected to endless amounts of shooters, so the fact that Splatoon was trying to do something different was really intriguing. The game released and is as fun as I suspected it would be. Nintendo has even been adding new content to the game for free since it’s release, whcih has further improved an already stellar game and keeping the fanbase happy. With much more content, modes, and continued support from Nintendo, Splatoon should be a game in every WiiU owners library.

And the winner is…

Super Mario Maker
Honestly, all of the games mentioned above could have easily taken this spot, but Super Mario Maker just really impressed me with how easy it is to pick up and play and some of the things that the community is doing in custom build levels are really inspiring. The thing that pushed this game over the top however is the fact that through this game, I’ve been able to introduce Mario and video games in general to my four year old daughter. It has allowed me to create some simple levels for her to play, to learn what to do, and as a result she’s been having a great time. The fact that this game makes it so easy for me to share this pastime with her and to have it offer another way to bond cannot be understated and is a big reason why a game like this shines. Anyone can pick this up and immediately start playing. That’s a truly wonderful thing indeed.

Super Mario Maker Fix


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3 Responses to Gamer Crash Awards 2015: Best WiiU Exclusive Game

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Is Woolly World pretty close to Yoshi’s Island? None of the other Yoshi games have been able to measure up to that one so far.

    • I mean, to me it seems the closest that they’ve done. Sure, it’s different a bit, but there are elements that remind me of that SNES classic.

      Honestly though, I doubt anything Yoshi related will ever come close to that one. Yoshi’s Island on the SNES is one of my all time favorite games.

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