Now Arriving: Games of December 2015

Well, before we begin, I do have to admit something that some of you may already be well aware of. Yes, I forgot to post the November specific “Now Arriving” post, and the ironic thing about that is November is traditionally the busiest month of the year in terms of major releases. So if you’re someone who relies on that…uh…sorry.

With that said, lets jump into December, shall we?

Congratulations gaming fan, you’ve survive the great game flood of 2015. With most of the major releases now behind us, December represents a sort of lull in the schedule, a month that allows many to not only catch their breath but also catch up on huge backlogs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sell December short, there are a number of interesting releases this month, and better yet, WiiU owners also have a couple of exclusives to look forward to as well. The big names this month come from both Ubisoft and Avalanche Studios as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Just Cause 3 release on the very first day of the month, kicking things off right. WiiU owners looking for something else to sink their time into can look forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X finally coming to the west. Prepare to dump a lot of hours into this game, folks.

Outside of that? Well, there’s a couple of things, but for the most part, use this time to catch up on the major releases from 2015 because things kick back up in a couple of months once more. For now, I’ll leave that post for another day.

The complete release list for December can be found after the jump…

Xbox Exclusives
Sony Exclusives
Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of Despair (PS4) December 8
Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space (Vita) December 8
The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel (PS3, Vita) December 22
Nintendo Exclusives
Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU) December 4
Devils Third (WiiU) December 11
PC Exclusives
Multiplatform Releases
Just Cause 3 Dec 1 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Dec 1 – Xbox One, PS4, PC
Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Dec 1 – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, WiiU, 3DS
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1 Response to Now Arriving: Games of December 2015

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Can’t wait to cause mayhem in Just Cause 3!

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