Speculation: Figuring Out Where Assassin’s Creed Goes Next

Assassin's Creed LogoThis is a topic I’ve written about multiple times in the past and lo and behold, many of my suggestions have come true over the years. I don’t want to gloat or anything but…

So with that out of the way, where does the franchise move from here? Assassin’s Creed has been on a yearly cycle since Brotherhood released so Ubisoft is going to really need to tap into new places to explore. Many of my top historical locations have been utilized already (Revolutionary France, American Revolution, Industrial Revolution London, etc) and while I don’t think this series will ever tread in eras where modern guns and weapons of war are prevalent, there’s still a ton of great destinations I’d like to see this franchise explore.

This series seems to work best went hand-to-hand combat is the primary combat method instead of guns, so as much as you may want to see a game set in either of the World Wars or more modern conflicts like Vietnam, I just don’t see that being a great fit. But, with the fact that this is an annual franchise, I guess you can never rule it out completely.

So lets take a shot in the dark and see just where Assassin’s Creed can go to next, shall we? Here are my top five locations for the Assassin’s Creed franchise to explore next.

Feudal Japan
Honestly, this historical location is always at the forefront of any conversation like this as people assume the classic “Ninjas versus Samurai” would fit perfectly into the Assassins versus Templar mold. And in my opinion, it totally would! From what little Ubisoft has said over the years, it doesn’t seem likely that the company will venture to this rich historical location. While they said it is technically possible, the sentiment is that the setting would be too familiar, leading players to become somewhat disillusioned. I disagree with that feeling, but what do you think? Is a place like China or Japan a setting you’d like to see explored in a future AC game?

Russian Revolution
Yes, this is an era Ubisoft has covered in a comic only version, but I think it would be great to play an actual game centered around this conflict. Considering the fates of some of the important characters from that comic series have been detailed in various games in the franchise, Ubisoft may need to focus on other elements during that time, but it’s still a really interesting time period for sure. And hey, Karl Marx was a featured character in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, so I mean, that has to count for something, right?

Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt
I’d love to see the series go even further back into the Golden Age of Greece, the height of the Roman Empire, or even tap into the rich Egyptian history. The franchise has even touched on the Roman Assassins and certain characters like Brutus and Aquilus before, so there is a historical element they could run with. Not only that, the fictional lore from the series even places one of Altair’s children in Egypt working with the Assassin Brotherhood in Alexandria, so Ubisoft could run with that as well. Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece are rich with historical fiction, from interesting creatures, Gods, and events, this is a virtual treasure trove of stories that could be told.

Vikings – Middle Ages
Okay, so Vikings probably don’t immediately come to mind when thinking of a stealth oriented combat group, but I just like the idea of a Norse themed Assassin’s Creed adventure. Still, this time period of the 11 century or so has a wealth of opportunities for story telling. It’s no secret that the Vikings were masters of exploration so perhaps they could create a game similar to Black Flag where sailing made up a big part of the gameplay. This time period was also very chaotic with lots of wars, raids, and other violent acts taking place, so there’s certainly no shortage of historical upheaval to exploit in terms of a story.

Britannia Celts
A weird pick, I know, but just try to think of this as the inverse of the Roman Empire pick I made above. According to Assassin’s Creed lore, Julius Caesar was a Templar backed politician and actual history tells us that Caesar is also someone who managed to conquer Britannia and the Celtic tribes who lived there. What if the story was told from the perspective of the oppressed Celts, trying to break free from their Roman Templar overlords? Including Caesar, you have other notable characters like the warrior queen Boudicca and the Roman historian Tacitus. There’s probably no way this ever happens, but I find the mysticism of that region fascinating and having it go up against a force like the Roman Empire to be pretty interesting.

(Extra Longshot Pick) Prehistoric Times
This is an interesting idea mainly because it completely shifts the thinking on what Assassin’s Creed is. While this would be an interesting idea to flesh out in terms of location and gameplay, I’m not so sure it works from a story perspective. Setting a game within the Prehistoric times would probably have issues with the characters not really being intelligent enough at this point to form groups associated with Templars or Assassins. I mean, pitting two caveman tribes against one another and labeling them assassins and templars wouldn’t really make any sense. For the idea to work, some form of civilization and history need to be in play. Still, being able to stealth kill Mammoths and Sabretooth tigers? Badass.

Those are my picks, but what about you? What time periods or eras would you like to see the franchise dive into? Let me know down below in the comments.

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9 Responses to Speculation: Figuring Out Where Assassin’s Creed Goes Next

  1. Human Interest says:

    I sure hope they never go modern. I remember getting pissed at the introduction of guns in the second game (I think). I know guns are definitely a part of history but nothing is worse than bringing a knife or a sword to a gunfight.

    • Yeah, I really have no interest in a modern historical setting either. Being able to run around in these classic historical sandboxes that you read about in books like Revolutionary France, Renaissance Italy, and even the Middle East during the Crusades is a major selling point for me.

      • Human Interest says:

        Same here. That’s what made me fall in love with the series. How do you feel about the introduction of boats?

        • Boats as in what Syndicate is doing with the Thames River? I have no real problems with that, it can be a little tough trying to get tot he specific boat you want in time before it moves down the river, but all in all, it’s kind of neat to see how crowded that river really was back then.

          Also considering players can only really interact with them by “riding” on them, I don’t really consider boats a major addition to the game.

          • Human Interest says:

            Sorry, I should have said ships, as in what they’ve been using since Black Flag.

          • Oh! Honestly, I really enjoyed the naval stuff in Black Flag and Rogue probably more than I initially thought I would. The controls and ease of combat I think helped contribute to my enjoyment of that.

          • Human Interest says:

            I loved being able to build a fleet and fight off ships but traveling by ship was always so time consuming. It also didn’t help that I would wander off to explore islands on the way lol

          • Oh totally, that game had so many distractions. “Alright, going to do that mission now…oh wait, look at that!” x 100

          • Human Interest says:

            Yes!!! It was extremely easy to get sidetracked in that game…

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