The Quick and Easy Way To Unlock All Themes and Editor Content in Super Mario Maker

When Nintendo first announced that players would have to unlock additional tools, themes, and content for Super Mario Maker through normal play, I was surprisingly okay with it.  Upon grabbing a copy for myself, I found the restrictions to be a bit more restrictive than I initially thought. After spending 5-10 minutes in the editor, a notification would appear, letting you know that new content was on the way for the next day, forcing the player to repeat this process until after 9 days, everything would be unlocked.

Super Mario Maker Logo

Thanks to a day one patch, it seems even Nintendo has given in, letting editor items become unlocked earlier than a normal delivery date. The tricky part is that the big N purposely didn’t spell out how to get everything to unlock, leaving players to experiment and figure things out on their own. So after playing around with the editor, I managed to come across an easy and quick solution to unlocking everything in about an hour or two.

So, how can you get your hands on all that Super Mario Maker has to offer? Click below the jump and I’ll reveal the secrets!

So unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t make it easy. There’s no setting or button you can simply switch on or anything like that.

If you have one to two hours to spare, the process is fairly easy. Essentially, what you want to do is create a new level. It doesn’t matter if you go to Coursebot and select an unused space or if you press reset on a sample or existing level. Once it’s bare of any content, take a simple item, like a brick block and just spam the crap out of it with the stylus. Cover the entire level with this item. Repeat this process as much as needed and you should hear the familiar sound of a delivery truck.

If the notification confirms a new shipment for the next day, continue the method outlined above. Reset the level and continue as needed.

If you’ve just received a new delivery of content, clear/reset the level and add each new element into the map. After that’s done, continue with the brick block method above, resetting as needed. After a short time, you’ll hear the familiar squealing tires of the delivery truck once more.

For me, this ultimately unlocked all of the content in the game, letting me make as many complex levels as I wanted without having to wait the typical nine days. Some of the cooler stuff such as sub-levels and sound effects are saved until the end, so being able to unlock these things faster is very much welcomed. It’s almost like tricking the game into thinking you need more stuff to do or like you’re convincing it that you are in fact ready to handle additional items.

Anyway, I hope that helps and if you’ve made a cool level you’d like me or anyone else who reads my humble site to check out, let us know in the comments below.

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