Tactical Assist: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Getting an S Rank and Quiet on Mission 11

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gives players immense freedom in tackling the numerous missions through large sandboxes and various tools at their disposal. Even with various route available, certain missions can still seem pretty tough especially if you’re going after those ‘S’ rank scores.

Lets take a look at mission 11 for example.

For those unaware, mission 11 can at first seem a little daunting. A highly skilled sniper has a lock on your position and will fire a shot at you if given the slightest view of your head. So, how can you retaliate? I’m glad you asked!

Note: For those wondering, I’m avoiding as many spoilers as possible, especially in the below video. Cutscenes are skipped, leaving only the actual gameplay. Still, I can’t strip everything out, so there may be minor spoilers here or there.

Click below the jump for details and a video walkthrough!

As it turns out, that sniper is none other than Quiet, a character which has been well covered throughout The Phantom Pain’s development cycle. Why she’s targeting you however, I’ll leave alone.

So how can you score an easy S rank on this mission? Use the binoculars to tag her, and then using your iDroid, call in a supply drop. Here’s the catch though. Instead of selecting an open area, select Quiet’s newly added position on your map. To keep her interested, stand up and quickly drop back down until the supply package lands on her.

At this point, she’ll disappear completely, so you’ll need to find her new location, tag her again and repeat the process. After getting hit a second time, she’ll get knocked out and you’ll need to run to her body to trigger the final sequence.

At this point, the game presents a choice. You can kill her or spare her. Obviously, if you want Quiet on your team, don’t press the trigger! After a few seconds, Snake will lower his weapon and you’ll then be able to extract Quiet.

Here’s a visual guide on getting that S rank and “capturing” Quiet as well. Happy hunting!

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