Thoughts on The Taken King From A Former Destiny Player

I wanted to believe in Destiny.

On paper it sounded wonderful. A game that let you hop from planet to planet in an epic space saga, battling unique enemies, teaming up with friends, and gathering loot to customize a unique hero all your own. What’s not to love, right?

Destiny Stormcaller

Unfortunately, the lack of any sort of cohesive story, overly confusing aspects within the game and the grind heavy elements of the end game drove a wedge between Bungie’s long awaited space shooter and myself after a couple months.

I managed to stay clean from Destiny for quite a while, happy that others found things to like about the experience, but completely content to not return to that world. Then, The Taken King happened.

So what happened? Read more below the jump…

Revealed in full at E3 this year, a snazzy trailer managed to rekindle something in me. The new subclasses looked cool. Fighting interesting looking creatures on a large ship off the surface of Saturn looked even cooler. Then the bombardment of news and details started to flow out and I couldn’t help myself. I’m hooked again and very much looking forward to reviving my guardians to battle back the darkness once more.

In what many are calling a year long beta, The Taken King ushers in “Year Two” for Destiny and along side the new content, Bungie is also bringing sweeping changes to the table which aim to completely overhaul a ton of aspects which should radically alter the base game.

For many, if not all Destiny players, the biggest disappointment at launch was the game’s story…or complete lack of one. The story never felt fully fleshed out, becoming disjointed and feeling rushed. The “good stuff” was also locked away in online only “grimoire cards” which hurt the actual gameplay as it did a terrible job at explaining just about everything that was going on. While the expansions tried a few new things to improve this part of the experience, ultimately, it remained a major flaw.

With The Taken King, Bungie has promised a renewed focus on bringing storytelling to the forefront of the action. With more cutscenes, NPCs taking more of an active role in events, and even additional quests which aim to explain more of the world you’re in, players should find a better galaxy to explore and an opportunity to learn about what is going on in this universe.

Other changes which caught my eye:

  • Other changes focus is the leveling aspect. Gone are the required light levels and instead, players can continue to level up with traditional experience. Light level will contribute to other character stats instead.
  • Three new subclasses (Emperor Palpatine mode for Warlocks!)
  • The gunsmith will offer weapon specific bounties which will allow players to purchase a legendary weapon if the field order is completed that week.
  • Tower currency is being replaced by a more general currency called Legendary Marks. No longer do you have to wonder where you can spend certain currency.
  • Exotic gear now grants blueprints which players can access to recreate weapons/gear.
  • Mercy rules are now added to Crucible matches to help lopsided affairs.
  • Vault space has been doubled.
  • Nolan North is replacing Peter Dinklage as the voice of the Ghost
  • Legendary engrams can be purchased from the Cryptarchs
  • Certain “Year One” exotic gear can be upgraded to “Year Two” models

After feeling content that I had finished my time with Destiny, it seems now like I just can’t stay away. Major credit goes out to Bungie who appear to be simply not content with just pumping new content into the game. They’ve identified Destiny’s weak points and are working to fix them. Just how successful they are at it is something I’ll be paying close attention to once the game launches on September 15. I’ll make sure to report back, so keep it locked here.


For current and former Destiny players, do all these changes entice you to come back or continue playing Destiny? If so, what are you most looking forward to? 

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5 Responses to Thoughts on The Taken King From A Former Destiny Player

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I am with you. This is definitely a start that could lead to my return. I did like the PvP, even if it was a bit limited. I really wish they’d bring back some of Halo’s fun/charm and add in some different modes and mode customization.

    • Agree with you there. Thankfully…and something I forgot to mention…are the new PvP modes and maps coming with The Taken King. Rift looks like crazy fun and Mayhem looks…well…chaotic.

      Bungie certainly seems to be heading in the right direction again.

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