Day Dreaming: Building A Mega Man Level Creator Game

I won’t lie, lately, my head has been in the clouds.

With Super Mario Maker finally on the horizon, I’ve been thinking how much freedom and creativity that game actually gives to it’s players by letting them mess with established tradition typical in Mario games. The attention to detail that Nintendo has added along with giving players the ability to express themselves through creating unique and fun levels is such a great idea and one that I hope pays off for Nintendo.

Mega Man Universe Logo

I started applying this concept to other franchises in my head and I managed to settle on one in particular. So today’s post is entirely me providing a sort of wish-list for a new level creation game featuring everyone’s favorite blue robot, Mega Man. Indulge me for a bit, won’t you?

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Couple of things to start off with before we dive into this post:

  1. Yes, I am well aware of Mega Man Universe, the ill-fated project that would have allowed players to build their own Mega Man 2 inspired levels while also including various Capcom characters like Ryu or Arthur. The game was seemingly progressing well until Inafune and Capcom had their big falling out and the project was unceremoniously canceled. That game is partially responsible for the inspiration behind this post.
  2. The other inspiration comes from Super Mario Maker, a game which I am beyond excited to play and quickly mentioned above. What I find so fascinating about the title is that players are encouraged to break traditional Mario rules in unique and interesting ways. Ever see a bullet bill cannon shoot coins? Wigglers swimming under water? What about placing several enemies on top of a giant Bowser? It’s all possible and frankly, I can’t wait to see (and play!) what people come up with.

So going off the work that Nintendo is doing with Super Mario Maker, I’d love to see Capcom put together their own Mega Man editor style game. Since this idea works best as a side scrolling game, we’d have to automatically eliminate certain series from the mix like Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Battle Network. Still, that leaves us with more than enough to use. Think of this, the player would be able to switch themes between the NES style Mega Man (as seen in games 1-6, 9-10), the SNES style games (Mega Man 7, Mega Man & Bass), the Mega Man X series, and finally the Mega Man Zero series. Four very unique styles for fans to custom build some really cool stages.

Considering that boss battles are a major focal point for the series, a Boss Creation tool is also included, letting players customize their own boss robots with different looks and moves. Boss behaviors are preset into whatever gear/items you equip them with. Agile characters move quickly and jump often while heavier or bulkier characters are slower but hit harder.

Like Super Mario Maker, hard rules would apply limiting certain abilities based on the game theme you’re using. So the Mega Max X theme would allow things like wall climbing, air dashing, and other abilities unique to that franchise but wouldn’t appear where it didn’t exist prior. Don’t expect to see NES Mega Man pulling off some sweet air dashes. With that said, players would be allowed to bend the rules in other ways letting creativity take over in regards to enemies and abilities. Ever see Snake Man fighting from a moving platform or a Met riding on top of the Yellow Devil? Hey, make it happen!

In the end, this may be just me daydreaming about a game that will never come. I mean, we all have seen how Capcom ignores the Blue Bomber these days, only bringing him out for collection style games. I sincerely hope what Nintendo’s putting out in Super Mario Maker is some sort of blueprint for other companies to utilize in ways that make sense. There’s a ton of franchises that could fit a mold like this and in an industry where good ideas are copied into dust, I hope this is an idea that sticks.

I’m curious to know, what other franchises would you love to see made into a level editor style game? Hit me up in the comments.

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5 Responses to Day Dreaming: Building A Mega Man Level Creator Game

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I preordered Super Mario Maker today. It was/is $10 off for Amazon Prime members. I am really excited. I can’t remember the last time I preordered a Nintendo game.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    Hmm…I’d like to see a Donkey Kong Country Maker game, which includes the classic backgrounds and sprites! The new Donkey Kong Country Returns games just don’t do it for me, so I think it would be awesome to get to play a ton of player-created stages!

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