Sweeping Changes Coming to Destiny: The Taken King Including Everyone’s Favorite Ghost

“That wizard came from the moon!”

Fare thee well, Dinklebot. You had an uninspired but good run.

Destiny Moon Wizard

For those who may have missed out on the news, Bungie detailed a staggering amount of changes coming to Destiny when The Taken King launches next month. While trying to list out every change would be way too time consuming, just know that the new content places a greater focus on story, cut scenes, and general game play enhancements. Gone are the confusing and unnecessary features like using “light” to advance your character beyond level 20, and having to keep track of the numerous tokens, items, and currency the player accumulates. Part of me feels like this will be the Destiny the majority of us were expecting last year, it only took Bungie a year to figure it out.

Out of the blue among all these changes came the news that Peter Dinklage was out as the bored sounding Ghost AI that follows the player character and narrates a good portion of the core content. Nolan North, who many may know from his time as Desmond Miles in the Assassin’s Creed series or Nathan Drake from the Uncharted franchise, was instead brought in to voice the character going forward.

Not only is North voicing all of Ghost’s new lines, but Bungie is also having him completely re-record every line currently in the game for the Ghost character. That’s right, the affectionately named, Dinklebot is being completely phased out entirely. I didn’t play either expansion, but from what I know, the Ghost character had somewhat of a limited role in the content, which may have signaled Bungie’s change of pace for the character.

While I’m looking forward to hearing North’s take on the character, I’m a bit curious as to why that decision came about. Was it due to Dinklage’s schedule getting in the way or perhaps a lack of interest in continuing in the role? Maybe Bungie wasn’t satisfied with the character and was tired of all the meme’s and jokes that had taken hold of the admittedly important character over the past year? We’ll probably never know.

As someone who quit the game after a few months, I’ll fully admit that all of these changes and updates to the title have me once again interested in bringing my Warlock out of retirement. We’re a little over a month away from being invaded by Oryx and his Taken army, so I guess I still have some time to figure things out.

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13 Responses to Sweeping Changes Coming to Destiny: The Taken King Including Everyone’s Favorite Ghost

  1. Human Interest says:

    I received an email regarding these changes! What system do you play on?

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