Ten Bold Predictions for E3 from Gamer Crash

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I already covered E3 in a handful of posts previously, that is true. For those who may have missed it, click here for Microsoft, click here for Sony, click here for Nintendo, and here for everything else.


As specific as those predictions are, they really only cover my thoughts on what games we’d be seeing at each conference. I had some lingering thoughts on the show in general which I felt didn’t really fit in with those posts.

In the past month alone, we’ve gotten a TON of details and new information about games which under normal circumstances would have been hidden far away under the Earth until the show began proper. Details like Fallout 4, XCOM 2, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and the fact that The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Studios) is bringing the new Gears to E3 have taken some of the surprise out of E3. Still, with this type of news dropping early, it’s safe to say there’s a ton of additional information coming, they just had to make room for it.

So for this prediction post, lets turn the tables a bit and talk about some of my “bold” predictions for the show. These are basically thoughts that either hit the nail on the head or have me falling flat on my face. We’re not talking safe picks like “Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will have a live demo at one of the press conferences” or anything like that. Based on the experience of previous years, that’s a given. Also, it’s boring.

So lets get to it. Here are some of my bold predictions for E3 2015:

1. Ubisoft not only shows off another chunk of The Division live on stage, but they’re going to reveal the actual release date.
It’s time Ubisoft. You’ve just delayed the product into early 2016 so the dev teams could really polish the title. No more delays. Give us a date. Please. Thank You.

2. Bethesda confirms 2015 release date for Fallout 4.
The game has been in development for like eons, it should be more than ready. Not only that, I think this will be the shock and awe news people were expecting from a company holding their first ever press conference.

3. Nintendo brings back a classic IP releasing later this year.
Something is going to happen with this, it’s just figuring out which franchise they aim to bring back. We know Star Fox is on the way, but what else will be joining it later this year? A return to F-Zero would be appreciated especially with how well the anti-gravity segments of Mario Kart 8 were handled. Still, I think the chances of that are pretty low when compared to another franchise like Metroid. Retro Studios, a developer that’s well versed in all things Metroid has been actively teasing E3 this year. Could we see another Metroid project from them for WiiU? A new entry in the Metroid Prime franchise? What about the long rumored (and thought to be cancelled) Metroid Dread?

4. Sony re-reveals The Last Guardian and gives it a 2015 release date
A game that has become the butt of jokes against Sony has recently cropped up in rumors that Mark Cerny has been helping to guide the team to the finish line. With a sizable gap later this year in first party content, this one could definitely be a nice fit. Hell, it’s been in development for so long that if it’s not nearing completion then what’s the point.

5. Rare is working on a classic IP for Microsoft
With all of the Phil Spencer Battletoad shirts and the reports that Rare is actually working on a legit game, the time seems right to reintroduce one of the many IPs from Rare’s catalog. Will it be Viva Pinata? Will a new Banjo-Kazooie game be in the works, capitalizing on the success that Yooka-Laylee has seen on Kickstarter? Or maybe Rare wants to really scare us by announcing a new Grabbed by the Ghoulies. That’d be terrifying for different reasons…

6. Sony’s E3 press conference lacks bloodlust but features some cool surprises amidst slow points.
With Sony holding onto the number 1 spot for next generation console sales, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Sony kind of take a victory lap approach to their press conference this year. This is a company who commonly introduces elements into their E3 show that bog down the proceedings, so predicting slow periods may not be a super bold prediction. Ah well, they’ll give people things to talk about either way.

7. News Gears of War game is a prequel series set in the Pendulum Wars
Avoiding spoilers for the older Gears games, I feel like that story has reached it’s conclusion. Sure, they could easily continue with Delta squad in a new story, but my gut tells me they won’t do that. The most reasonable path to me is going back in time to the Pendulum Wars, an event only hinted and touched upon in the previous games. It seemed like a big deal though to everything that went down so why not explore that time period?

8. Super Smash Bros gets some big DLC announcements
We all know Lucas is on the way and Nintendo has been talking up additional content, but I’m guessing they’ll finally put their money where their mouth is by revealing a bunch of stuff. There is a planned Nintendo Direct on Sunday, so it may be coming sooner than we think. I’d also love to see some (if not all) of the results from the fan voting contest for future DLC characters. Which characters got the most love?

9. Splatoon gets some bigger DLC announcements
I’ll be the first to admit, Nintendo has done a great job pumping new content into this game. Sure the additions have been small, but they’ve been coming so frequently that it doesn’t matter. So that’s why I’m predicting Nintendo is going to reveal some bigger and meatier content on the way at E3 this year. The free content will continue to flow into the game with bigger content releasing soon to help support and draw in new fans. Seriously WiiU owners, go grab this game, it’s a ton of fun.

10. New God of War game revealed – Doesn’t feature Kratos
We do know that Sony Santa Monica is hard at work on a new God of War game. With a number of games already out detailing just about every aspect of Kratos’ life, what other stories are left to tell with him? It’s hard to see where they could take this character at this point. The only stumbling block here (and it’s a big one) is that Kratos is basically the face of the franchise. Moving on from a character as popular as him won’t be easy. It’s like if Microsoft made a Halo game without Master Chief….oh wait, they did that twice. Well, something to consider then…

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5 Responses to Ten Bold Predictions for E3 from Gamer Crash

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I could get behind all of these.

    As for number ten, call it Gods of War and have Kratos be a sweet side piece like the Arbiter!

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