Guest Post: 5 Game Ideas for Nintendo’s New Mobile Division

What’s up everyone, Derek here. Today’s post comes from the mind of C.T. Murphy who’s offering his own predictions on the direction Nintendo should take after announcing their big mobile deal news earlier this year. If you enjoy this post or want to read more on what Murf is thinking up on daily basis, then make sure to head over to his site here. Enjoy!


With Nintendo’s announcement that they plan to make mobile games, imaginations have run wild about the kind of games they will create. Here are a few ideas:

Peach’s Big Escape

As much as I’d love to see Peach get her own console or handheld title, I could settle with a mobile game in the meantime. Instead of Mario’s search for the Princess, how about a game focused on her many attempts to escape Bowser’s clutches? Surely she wasn’t just standing around all day, waiting for her hero to save her!

Peach’s Big Escape would be an endless runner in the same vein as classics like Canabalt or Temple Runner. Peach would run, jump, kick, and use her patented floating dress to try and escape Bowser and the other Koopas.

With a ton of references to classic Mario levels and villains, this would be an excellent way for Nintendo to celebrate one of its most underutilized characters. Peach deserves something, so why not this?

Pokemon Pinball: X & Y

Once upon a time I was a kid who would buy any and everything with the Pokemon label on it, including Pokemon Pinball for the Game Boy Color. Though not perfect, Pokemon Pinball was a fantastic example of Nintendo’s ability to take a simple design, give a thematic link to one of its properties, and put out a solid game.

That’s exactly what Nintendo’s mobile games should be, so I’d love to see a sequel to Pokemon Pinball lead the charge. Think about it: it’s a game that would work perfectly for the general expectations of mobile gaming. Play sessions are short, touch and gyro controls would capture the spirit of pinball accurately, and it could easily be turned into a Free-to-Play game.

As long as that last part doesn’t make the game feel too repetitive or abusive, I think revisiting the X & Y Pokemon setting would be an absolute blast for this.

Fire Emblem: Tower Defense

I am both lucky and unlucky that Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS was my introduction to the series. Lucky because it is one of the system’s finest games and one of gaming’s best RPG’s in the last few years; unlucky because the series deserves the same admiration that Nintendo’s other titles get.

While Tower Defense games have been pretty stale as of late, Fire Emblem would be an excellent setting to rebuild the genre. The dialogue and story potential alone interest me, but I think Fire Emblem’s penchant for permanent death could breathe new life into the tired mechanics we have all gotten used to.

Even if it doesn’t revolutionize the genre, a Fire Emblem take on Tower Defense games could be a serviceable start for Nintendo’s new platform.

Bad Pikmin

I never got bit by the Angry Birds craze, but I did love Rovio’s follow-up, Bad Piggies. In it, you take control of the much more mechanically-inclined villains of the Angry Birds series, the pigs, and build crazy contraptions to reach goals.

I would absolutely love to see Captain Olimar at it again, only this time he needs a whole new cast of more crafty Pikmin. Similar to Bad Piggies, your Pikmin would use their expertise to gather parts and construct machines capable of gathering even more resources.

With an overall campaign and stronger story-telling, a Pikmin game in the style of Bad Piggies could distinguish itself, while simultaneously being a unique take on some of Nintendo’s cutest characters. At its heart, it would be a puzzle game that stresses creativity, and that meshes up will with the spirit of Pikmin games.

Zelda’s Hyrule

Though we all know Princess Zelda is royalty, we rarely see her lead or do anything related to running Hyrule. How about Nintendo do their own variation of a city building game and put The Legend of Zelda’s own Zelda at the helm?

Imagine Hyrule after Ganon’s defeat. It’s in disorder, disarray, and disrepair. While Link is off with further adventures, someone has to repair Hyrule. In Zelda’s Hyrule, you do just that, as you rebuild the kingdom, fulfill the wishes of your people, and make sure there are adequate defenses from the remaining forces of evil still plaguing the realm.

Something like a blend of Majesty, SimCity, and Farmville, I think this would be yet another opportunity for Nintendo to use some of their well-known but never featured characters. Like Princess Peach, Princess Zelda is due for her own game, and a brand new platform gives Nintendo the incentive to branch out past their traditional games.

What sort of mobile games are you hoping Nintendo will make? Which characters do you feel need their own games?

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11 Responses to Guest Post: 5 Game Ideas for Nintendo’s New Mobile Division

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I’d honestly play all of these. As much as I do enjoy some of Nintendo’s mainline series, I do sincerely hope they make an effort with their mobile division in promoting secondary or side characters.

    In a perfect (and likely impossible world), Nintendo will be a big success in mobile games. They’ll then bring some of those games back to their online services, and finally realize that they need a “indie” division. From there, they’ll hire out smaller game ideas featuring secondary characters to other studios to round out their digital-only exclusives!

    Alas, I am a dreamer.

    • I hope you’re right, these are really creative. My fear is that they’re just going to port some older games to handheld devices like the old school NES Mario games. Not that I’m complaining, but I would like to see some original stuff as well.

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  3. Syl says:

    These all sound very good, especially Peach’s Big Escape. I’ve always wondered what she was doing while I, as Mario, was trying to save her.

  4. what about a temple run style game BUT – it’s donkey Kong

  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    A traditional Fire Emblem game would work well on mobiles. I’m not keen on Tower Defence, as the only game from the genre which I have enjoyed is the original Plants vs Zombies.

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