Screenshot Safari: Jumping The Rooftops of Seattle #NBI2015Safari

Recently, I was more or less challenged by my blogging buddy C.T. Murphy to take part in a challenge he had whipped up this month. The task was to publish a post detailing a screenshot I had taken from a game related to a particular theme and why I loved the image.

Considering that I’m someone who’s already posted a couple of digital photo albums filled with screenshots I had taken from games, this was going to be way too easy. Except that, it wasn’t. The screenshots I had taken were all meaningful in some way to me, so trying to pick and choose between them proved to be more difficult than I had originally anticipated.

Want to participate? Head over to Murf’s blog and read about the challenge. It’s running now till the end of the month so there’s still a bit of time to get in on the action!

Anyway, here’s my entry for the Screenshot Safari challenge.

I’ve gone with the “Landscape” theme and frankly, it was tough. Between inFamous Second Son and Driveclub, I had a lot of fantastic shots I could have used here but ultimately, I went with one of the first screenshots I had ever taken.


Game: inFamous Second Son

Second Son was a game that first introduced the world to a dedicated Photo Mode on the PlayStation 4. As the game already featured incredible visuals, being able to pause the action on the screen and add effects or features to the still photo proved to be wildly addicting for me. The screenshot above doesn’t feature any fancy tricks outside of playing with the game’s camera. Maybe that’s part of why I like it so much, it’s a natural photo of the game, undoctored by effects.

There’s a natural beauty to it as protagonist Delsin Rowe uses the ‘neon’ variation of his powers to propel himself across Seattle rooftops. With a gorgeous lake and mountain view in the background, this is a place I’d love to visit.

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7 Responses to Screenshot Safari: Jumping The Rooftops of Seattle #NBI2015Safari

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thank you sir! It really was hard to decide on a screenshot to use. I have another one that I really like from inFamous First Light. Basically a shot of Fetch looking out over the city with the Space Needle off in the distance.

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