8 Minutes of Awesome: Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay

Well, the bad news this week was that Rocksteady had to delay the highly anticipated Batman Arkham Knight again. On the bright side, it’s only a three week delay so it’s nothing quite like the move it made previously from last fall to this summer.

To help lessen the disappointment over the delay, the team also released a brand new trailer. What’s better than a normal trailer? How about an extended 8 minutes of pure gameplay? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

During the eight minutes, you’re going to get a great look at Arkham Knight and the things Batman can do in his latest outing. For those of you who’ve played Arkham City (or the criminally underrated Arkham Origins) you’ll see a lot of familiarity in the traversal methods. Batman can glide, grapple, and do everything you’ve gotten used to in the past games. Things get a bit more interesting as new moves and abilities come into play such a slow motion fear takedown, and with the ability to call in and use the Batmobile. I just like how one of the control options with the Batmobile is specifically tied to doing a donut.

While the wait is just about unbearable now for Batman Arkham Knight, at least you can replay this trailer as much as you need to. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to 8 Minutes of Awesome: Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay

  1. That video was awesome!

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