Titanfall 2 And What I’d Love To See

Titanfall City

Probably (Not) How The Logo Will Look….

In case you missed the big news yesterday, Respawn co-founder and CEO, Vince Zampella, finally confirmed that Titanfall 2 is in development at the studio. Not only that, Sony fans will be happy to know that the game will be multiplatform hitting not only the Xbox One and PC, but the PlayStation 4 as well.

Details were really scarce as Zampella didn’t go into any depth with regards to the newly announced title. In speaking about how he would have changed things with the first game, Zampella did go on to say that the platform exclusivity was unfortunate, but necessary for them as they wouldn’t have been able to make the game without it.

Going further, he mentioned that one aspect they’d love to put more of an emphasis on in the next game is on the lore. The team placed a ton of details around the world but due to the fast paced action, most placers simply blew right through them. Frankly, I completely agree with them on this point as they created a beautiful world with these two factions going to war with one another, but the story behind it and the context as to why everything was like this just wasn’t there. I’d love to see a greater focus on placed on expanding this world and how things came to be in such a state.

Based on all of this information, I’d have to imaging that the game is pretty early on in development so we probably won’t be seeing it for a while. My gut feeling also rules out an E3 appearance, but considering that EA is the publisher again and the “pre-alpha” barrage of trailers they served us last year, there is probably a chance.

So now that we know Titanfall 2 is real, lets speculate a little on the game. Below is a small list of changes I’d like to see added into the sequel. The first one was fun and unique but it didn’t have that staying power that I wanted. So here’s my list, what’s on yours?

Full list after the jump….

1. A dedicated non-online multiplayer mode
Alright, I know this one is a little vague but I’d love to see a mode where you can just battle the AI. While I’d love to see a story campaign (a real one, not just the hybrid one from the first game), I’ll take just a simple Vs CPU mode. I know the aspect of adding story and cutscenes to a multiplayer game is a divisive issue for gamers out there, so that’s why make it in a single player mode or at least in an area where people can access it if they want it. That way, people who just want to get to the action can, and for those who want more from the universe have that option as well.

2. More Lore
They already touched on it, but seriously, don’t be like Bungie and minimize the story and world to unlockable cards on a separate website. I want to know while playing the game why things are like they are. I want to know who these people are that I’m fighting with and against, how they joined up to be in this conflict and what they had for lunch earlier in the day. Okay, maybe not that much detail but you get my point.

3. More Things To Do
While the gameplay was fast, fun, and frantic, I felt like I quickly ran out of things to do. I don’t like that feeling. The game shipped with a few different modes but ultimately it felt like there was a general lack of content. Downloadable Content eventually added a bit more for players but unfortunately, it was locked behind a pay gate which segmented the user base even further.

4. Free Maps
Say what you want about Evolve, but in terms of the DLC maps they’re planning to release, they get it. Instead of segmenting the player base between DLC 1, 2, 3, etc players and non-DLC players, just give them out to keep the player base strong. Zampella already touched on being a fan of this model in his interview with IGN so there may be a decent chance of this happening if EA doesn’t step in with a Titanfall 2 Premium plan or something like they do with Battlefield.

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4 Responses to Titanfall 2 And What I’d Love To See

  1. Will_GSRR says:

    I don’t mind them keeping it online, but what I’d like to see a more of an actual campaign instead of “A bit of story tacked on to a multiplayer match.”

    A persistent style multiplayer war would be pretty interesting to see. So a similar set up to Heroes & Generals, where you pick a side, and then fight victory in some objective type games, then once that ‘war’ or battle is over you can then choose another side.

    Imagine having to try and take over an enemy complex with 6 Titans, no respawns, and the enemy team is completely real people, with no Titans, but maybe up to 20 or more, or they can respawn for a certain number of lives. Then they just have to defend a base for x amount of time. Then whoever wins gains some ground, and some additional resources towards the war effort.

    There are a lot of cool possibilities.

    • That’s a fantastic idea, I would love to see that implemented as well. There really is a ton of possibilities for the future.

      I guess my main point is that I would love to see more content and things to do. I enjoyed the game for a while but I can only run through team deathmatch so many times before I’m ready to check out greener pastures.

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