Screenshot Support Finally Comes To Xbox One (in March)

If you had told me before the launch of the PlayStation 4, that one of my favorite aspects of that system would be grabbing and sharing screenshots over social media, I would have probably tilted my head at you in a way that dogs do when they’re trying to understand what you’re talking to them about.

And yet here we are.

Honestly, when you stop to think about it, it’s a great feature for a couple of reasons. Not only does it allow people to flex their creativity setting up shots or capturing cool moments, but it’s pretty much free advertising for the game in question. It’s a feature that really makes the PS4 stand out and up until now, Microsoft had no way to counter it.

Things are about to change as Microsoft has been diligently working trying to figure out how to add this feature to a controller which was never designed with this in mind. While the PlayStation 4 controller has a button dedicated to it, the Xbox One does not. Add to the fact that some games use every single button on the controller and you have a conundrum. With the upcoming March update for Xbox One, the team is finally introducing the ability to capture and share screenshots.

The process is pretty straightforward as all you need to do is double tap the Xbox button on the middle of the controller and then press ‘Y’. Sure, it’s not quite as handy as it is on the PlayStation 4 but beggars can’t be choosers now can they. As soon as you double press the Xbox button, the console actually takes the screenshot so you can choose to save it or not. Kinect users can also say “Xbox, Take A Screenshot” for the same effect.

Now for the cool part of this. Along with your vidoes, screenshots can be managed through the “Upload” app with the ability to post them to social media sites like Twitter or your Xbox activity feed, attach to messages, add to your showcase, and even make your dashboard background.

So there you go. capturing screenshots, a highly requested feature over on the Xbox Feedback site is finally coming sometime in March. As I always say, better late than never!

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  1. I’m so ready for this!!

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