Condemned Making a Possible Return to the Spotlight?

Interesting news came out earlier this week from the former CEO and founder of Monolith Productions about the long dormant and atmospheric Condemned franchise.

Jace Hall (perhaps better known from his work on The Jace Hall Show) took to his Facebook Page to reveal that he’s been thinking recently about bringing the Condemned franchise back. Of course, these things always have a couple of strings attached. Hall revealed that he currently owns the IP and everything related the franchise but he’s currently, Hall is pretty tied up with other projects. Considering how well the franchise has sold over the years and the fact that he’s constantly asked when a third game is coming, he starting thinking about the series future in more serious terms.


The twist here is that Hall wouldn’t be able to develop a new game due to the aforementioned projects he’s tied up in. Going forward, he’s contemplating handing over the franchise to a proven indie developer to handle. It’s just that simple. Hall’s ultimate goal is to move the franchise forward in a positive direction so the indie team would pretty much be inheriting it from him. The good news is that this franchise is well known, established and is in demand, which typically represents the most difficult aspect for indies in getting their project off the ground. Marketing a new game from an unheard of developer in a sea of AAA releases can be tough. This seems almost like a golden ticket.

So that begs the question, dear friends: If it were up to you, which indie developer would you peg for a new Condemned game? I’m thinking Red Barrels of Outlast fame would be a good candidate. That’s just me though.

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