Gearbox Software Takes Over PAX South

The inaugural PAX South took root in San Antonio, Texas this past weekend and while I wasn’t able to be there (you can find me in Boston at PAX East in a couple months), from what I’ve read, it was Gearbox Software who decided to drop a ton of news at the show. It makes sense when you think about it considering they’re based in the nearby city of Plano. Of course, you can be sure that their shooter franchise, Borderlands, was at the heart of much of it.


The first detail is that a Borderlands 1 remake for the new consoles isn’t off the table. For those of you surprised to see the first game left out of the “Handsome Collection” package, Gearbox isn’t saying anything for sure, but it seems like they’re basing a hard decision on how well the Handsome Collection sells. So if you’d like to see the first game brought to “next-gen” systems, then vote with your wallet. I enjoyed the first game, but I’m not sure I’d get too excited to play it again in higher resolution graphics. It was great at the time but the second game I felt did things a whole lot better. Just my two cents though.

While rumors were circulating on Friday that a Borderlands 3 announcement was imminent, sadly, that piece of news never came to pass. The only details we got out of Gearbox directly is that they’re now ready to begin development. Is this surprising to anyone? Considering that it’s their cash cow franchise, the only thing you should be surprised about with this revelation is that they haven’t really started on it yet.

In other “Borderlands” news, the Pre-Sequel is getting another character DLC pack featuring the sister of Sir Hammerlock, Aurelia. She’s an ice based character, able to apply cryo damage to her weapons and many other interesting skills. If you want a little more detail, click here to head over to her page. She’s arriving tomorrow for $9.99 or free with the season pass. If you’re planning on grabbing the Handsome Collection, all DLC from Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel will be included.

The excellent downloadable game from Telltale, Tales from the Borderlands, also showed off a clip from the upcoming second episode. The clip showed off Scooter who fans will immediately recognize from the main games. Sadly, no hard release date was given for when the second episode would be ready for download.

Tired of all this Borderlands news? Well, maybe this will help. The other major franchise that Gearbox has been plugging away on is Homeworld, which they purchased during the THQ bankruptcy auction. This weekend, they were finally ready to reveal pricing and release date details and the good news is, you don’t have to wait long. The Homeworld Remastered Collection is arriving on Steam Feb 25 for $34.99. The collection features remastered versions of the first two space-strategy games, the original classic versions as well, and access to a beta for the game’s multiplayer. If you’re already sold on this beefy package, Steam has the game listed for a very nice 15% off, so make sure to check that out while it’s active.

If any of you went to PAX South this past weekend, what was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Gearbox Software Takes Over PAX South

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    I wish I had any interest in Borderlands. I tried to get into the first and it didn’t work for me at all.

    • For what it’s worth, Borderlands 2 (for me) was far and away a much stronger game. It improved on nearly everything from the first game so much so that I really have no interest in playing the first again.

      The series as a whole has both good and bad parts so I can understand the different viewpoints on it in general.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I felt like Borderlands 2 was a game I should have liked. The characters were interesting, the gameplay felt solid, and I even had friends to play with; it should have been a game I would spend a lot of time with. Except it wasn’t. Once the main story was over I just couldn’t find a good reason to keep playing, even with the expansions I got through the season pass. Something about the games just doesn’t click, I guess.

    • The DLC in Borderlands 1 was better for sure except for the last one which made BL2 into a fantasy RPG. Totally awesome.

      I agree with you though, I never felt the pull to go back after finish the story. Perhaps because the experience is pretty linear (start in area 1, move to area 2, etc). If you could mix and match where you went instead of following a specific path might make things more appealing for multiple play throughs

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