Far Cry 4 and The Wrath of Nature

Ask anyone out there what they love about Far Cry 4 and you’ll probably get a slew of different answers all ranging from things like the crazy characters you come across, being able to explore the open world, to the different gameplay elements. All are valid answers and I would agree with the previous responses. All of those aspects make great arguments as to why Far Cry 4 is such a compelling entry in the series but for me though, my love of Far Cry 4 stems from something else entirely.


For me, Far Cry 4’s strongest element is with it’s dynamic and unique living world. It’s just one of those games which keeps you on your toes even when doing the most mundane actions like harvesting plants or wandering the countryside. I’ve had so many unique events happen out of nowhere that the game is constantly surprising me. Sure, the core game is excellent as well and manages to tell an entertaining story, but the real star of Far Cry 4 is this living and breathing world you’re placed in.

There’s nothing quite like getting attacked by a pissed off Rhino while you’re trying to hold a conversation with an NPC, or see an eagle swoop down and pick up a goat only to drop it off the top of a mountain. Seeing how NPCs react to a tiger or a honey badger (yes, a honey badger) wandering into their camp is simply fascinating. It’s these moments that throw a monkey wrench into the core gameplay, altering a seemingly stable situation forcing you and the NPCs to react. It’s this randomness which elevates the game beyond a traditional open world first person shooter.

It’s these moments which seem to spawn out of no where that helps to keep the player engaged and entertained throughout the campaign. It’s also the reason that many people lose so many hours to this title rather than sticking to the main campaign. I can’t begin to tell you how many videos I’ve seen of people just messing around, experiencing bonkers wildlife attacks, or manipulating the game’s world in often hilarious ways. Thankfully for you, I’ve managed to capture many of these moments in my “When Nature Strikes Back” series over on my YouTube channel. Have a look and don’t forget to tell me what your favorite game with a world that lives and breathes with you is down in the comments.


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