A Closer Look At The Nintendo Direct Announcements

Welcome, my friends, to the Year of Birdo! Luigi can take a back seat because the big purple…ummm…what IS Birdo anyway? You know what, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that Nintendo’s first “Direct” video of 2015 hit last Wednesday detailing what the company has up their sleeves for the next few months. In case you missed it, I’ve grabbed all of the details and conveniently placed everything below just for you. It’s just the kind of guy I am. There’s a lot of interesting stuff planned, so lets jump right into it.


If you need/want a visual reminder of the big announcements from the House of Mario last Wednesday, I’ll let Mr. Iwata show you around here.

Big news and commentary about Nintendo’s near future awaits you after the jump!

Fire Emblem Returns!
A nice surprise to open up the video, there’s a ton we still don’t know about the 3DS game including it’s title or even a release window. One thing is for sure though, more Fire Emblem is always welcome.

Majora’s Mask Release Date and Limited Edition 3DS
One of the bigger titles coming for the handheld is the remake of the N64 classic, Majora’s Mask. We finally have a release date for the game and you can nab it for yourself on Feb 13. Not only that, the game releases on the same day as the new 3DS hardware (see below) and to celebrate, Nintendo announced a very cool looking Majora’s Mask New 3DS model.

The limited edition console announcement caused a frenzy of activity as it sold out of GameStop’s across the US in a short couple of hours and only 15 minutes online. The good news here is that the console has not been listed (at the time of this post) on other places like Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers. So there still may be a chance to grab this sweet looking 3DS.

Wave 4 amiibos and the New Mario Set
There’s no denying that the Nintendo character figures known as amiibos are a massive hit at retail. Characters are constantly selling out online and in stores. To help drive that fury even more, Nintendo has announced Wave 4 of the Smash Bros line of amiibos due sometime in the Spring. Wave 4 includes Pac-Man, Lucina, Robin, Ness, Wario, and Charizard. IF you’re familiar with amiibos, expect most of those to sell out fairly quickly and appear on eBay for a hefty sum.

Not only that, Nintendo also announced a brand new series of amiibos for the “Super Mario” series. These figures resemble what you’d see from a traditional Mario platformer and the set includes Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and the first time, Toad. You can snag these on March 20. I’m actually curious to see if Nintendo dives into other franchises and series with these amiibo figures. A Metroid set? Please Nintendo! PLEASE!

Unfortunately for scalpers and resellers, the highly sought after Marth amiibo is making a return to store shelves later this year so I’d hold off on purchasing the figure for $50+ on eBay. No word on the Villager or WiiFit Trainer. Considering that Marth can be used in the new Codename S.T.E.A.M. game, I’m assuming that helped in the decision to bring the figure back.

Majora’s Mask DLC for Hyrule Warriors
The Destroyer has risen from his great slumber to reap terror and destruction across the land. His enemies will know fear. Hit enemies will know him as….TINGLE!

Yes, that’s right, the little green elf guy that everyone loves to rag on is being added as DLC for Hyrule Warriors. Now you can help Tingle get his revenge and let out all that pent up rage. In addition to the little fairy man, you’ll also gain access to Young Link, three new character skins, and a new adventure map to explore.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Announced
I what was probably the biggest piece of news Reggie came on to reveal that the New Nintendo 3DS is going to be available in North America on February 13, coincidentally the same day as Majora’s Mask 3D. So what’s so ‘new’ about this handheld? Well, think of it as an upgraded version of the normal 3DS. In addition to increased processing power, the system comes with facial 3D tracking which will adjust the 3D view based on your head positioning. You won’t have to worry about keeping your head very still in that sweet spot anymore. The system is also thinner than a normal XL and comes with a new c-stick control option on the right side of the console.Having dual control sticks now like a traditional console controller should provide some really interesting options now to the 3DS.

Mario Party 10 Details
The next “big” game release from Nintendo appears to be Mario Party 10 which was also given a lot of screen time. The game will be amiibo compatible, but be warned: if you’re using a Smash Bros amiibo figure, you’ll first need to erase the data on the figure in order to use it with Mario Party. Mario Party 10 includes three modes to play including a dedicate amiibo mode only unlocked if you use a figure with the game. March 20 is when the party begins.

Wii Games Revived
If you were wondering when you’d be able to play Wii games on your WiiU through the virtual console, your time has come! Super Mario Galaxy 2, Punch-Out!!, and The Metroid Prime Trilogy where all announced and will release this month.. Galaxy 2 is available now, Punch-Out on Jan 22, and Metroid Prime Trilogy on Jan 29. Each will be available for half off the first week they become available. Nintendo plans to bring even more Wii games in the coming months.

Splatoon Release Date
Nintendo’s interesting multiplayer ink shooter game Splatoon was also detailed a bit more showing off this hub world where you can completely customize your character from their looks, to the clothing they wear, to the weapons they use. What’s more interesting is that other players will populate this hub world so you can also check out how other people have customized their characters. Nintendo also mentioned that Splatoon will be available in May.

Trailers Galore!
The direct also feature new footage from upcoming games like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Feb 13), Xenoblade Chronicles X (2015), Story of Seasons, Ironfall: Invasion, and Codename S.T.E.A.M. to name a few. Don’t worry, I’ll have them all for you tomorrow in the Round Up.

So those were the big nuggets of information. What, if anything, appealed to you? Are you excited for Nintendo’s first half of 2015?

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3 Responses to A Closer Look At The Nintendo Direct Announcements

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    My only worry is that Fire Emblem is exclusive to the New 3DS XL or will have important content exclusive to the new system. If that is the case, then I will probably swear off Nintendo again for good.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I’m pretty psyched for the Majora’s Mask remake (updated save system notwithstanding), but not so much for the new 3DS or the new Amiibo figures. For the 3DS, my concern is that all the software from here on will be made with it in mind. I’m not too keen on having to re-buy a device that I’m already perfectly happy with. As for the Amiibos…I just don’t get why they’ve generated such a craze. They don’t add all that much to the games, so why are they so popular?

    • I’m not sure if the majority of 3DS games will force the new 3DS on users, but I’m sure developers are eager to get at the new processor and hardware so you’ll definitely see certain games require it.

      For example, I’ve heard that Xenoblade Chronicles will definitely require the new hardware simply due to the game needing the added specs to work.

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