GamerCast: Looking Ahead At 2015

So here we are, 2015. Happy New Year everyone.

In a long standing tradition, it’s time for the GamerCast, my not so clever rebranding of a “FutureCast”, something a weatherman uses during the nightly news to show you what the weather is bringing for the next few days.


Since I deal more in games of the video nature, lets have a look ahead at some of the games I can’t wait to get my hands on in the coming year. Have something that I missed? Let me know down in the comments. I’m always on the look out for quality content.

So it’s time to dust off that ol’ crystal ball and have a sneak peek into the future to see what’s coming out in 2015.

Full list after the jump…

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Probably my most anticipated title this year as The Division has been a game I’ve been literally drooling over since it’s “And one more thing” moment from Ubisoft’s E3 2013 press conference. Set in New York City after the collapse and fall of the US due to an outbreak of disease on Black Friday. What intrigues me about all of this is that this is all based around the real life Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51. Operation Dark Winter was a Bio-terrorist attack simulation that was run back in 2001 and long story short, the United States failed the test. Scary isn’t it?

The Division takes that “What If” element and crafts this world around what would happen if the US collapsed from an outbreak. You play an agent of the Strategic Homeland Division set up by Directive 51 out to save what remains. The game promises an open world New York City in a sort of online enabled RPG style third person shooter. There’s a ton we don’t know, but the game is expected this year so hopefully we get more details soon.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Admittedly, I’m not a Metal Gear sort of guy. I know plenty of people who play and enjoy the series but it’s not one I ever got into. Which is odd considering my love for stealth action games like Splinter Cell. I will fully admit though, The Phantom Pain continues to impress me each time I see it in action so I can’t help but be drawn to it. I grabbed Ground Zeroes last week during it’s Xbox One sale so at the very least I should be ready to go once this one makes it’s grand entrance sometime this year. And hey, who doesn’t like using cardboard cutouts to distract guards or using the Fulton surface to air recovery system on random things like livestock?

Batman Arkham Knight
I’m a total sucker for these Arkham games so this one automatically gets a spot on my list. While originally scheduled for last October, it’s probably for the best that Arkham Knight was delayed as the more they’ve shown, the more I’ve been impressed. Granted, this is the best looking Batman game you’ve ever seen, hands down, thanks to the power of the new-gen consoles and PC. Second, I’m very curious to see who or what the Arkham Knight is and how he fits into this world. If you’re a Arkham fan previously, I see no reason why this new one won’t satisfy that itch when it’s out in June. At the very least you’ll be able to tear up the streets of Gotham in the Batmobile and who doesn’t want to do that?


Assassin’s Creed Victory
Sure, technically speaking this game doesn’t exist yet. About a month ago, this title was leaked out and places like Kotaku ran with the story much to Ubisoft’s chagrin. Typically we don’t hear about new Assassin’s Creed titles until April or May, but thanks to that leak, we know that Victory (code name potentially) is the next entry in the annual series. In an interesting twist, Ubisoft Quebec is leading the development on this title which is the first time that Montreal has stepped down from the lead developer role in this series.

While details are still a bit scarce, we do know that Victory takes place in Victorian London, so you’ll get to scale famous landmarks like the Parliament Building, Tower of London, London Bridge, and Big Ben to name a few. The game looks gorgeous already so it’s a safe bet that it’s a PS4, PC, Xbox One only title as it uses the same AC: Unity engine. According to the leak, it’s been in development for three years, and it already looks to liven up the experience with new gameplay moments like fighting on top of moving carts, grappling hooks, and much more.

Ori and the Blind Forest
First word that came to mind with this one when it was first revealed at E3 last year was beautiful. Ori makes quite the first impression just based on looks alone, but the thing that I’m excited about is that it’s a sdie scrolling platformer based on the Metroidvania formula. Ori begins the game as a weak guardian spirit but as you play and progress, Ori will gain additional skills and abilities unlocking more of the world to explore. While there’s still we don’t know about this title, an interesting aspect to it comes from it’s developer, Moon Studios, who are made up of a collection of people worldwide and not unified under one roof like other traditional development studios. From what I’ve been hearing, Ori is closer than you think with an Early 2015 release window.


Homefront: The Revolution
What a ride this game has been on. The ball started really rolling when THQ announced that Kaos Studios, developer on the first game, was shutting down and Crytek was brought in to handle development on that sequel. Then the major THQ bankruptcy and closing came to light with the Homefront IP getting purchased outright by Crytek. More recently, Deep Silver announced Homefront The Revolution and show the game off at this past E3 with Crytek. While everyone was riding high off that moment, in reality, things were grim for the development team as reports started surfacing about Crytek’s financial crisis and lost wages. Not wanting to lose this game, Deep Silver basically purchased the IP and game assets from Crytek, opened up a new studio down the road and brought in the former development team at Crytek to work on The Revolution for Deep Silver. The game looks to be secure and in good hands once more.

Which is great news because what we saw at E3 looks fantastic. Based fours years after the first game now in Philadelphia, The Revolution shed the Call of Duty like missions in favor of an open world to interact with. Players can now influence resistance activity in between missions by taking on tasks or participating in random events that may crop up. We should be hearing a lot more about this one soon.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
I mean, it’s more Nathan Drake now on a much more powerful console. While Naughty Dog continues to push the boundaries of video games with their technical prowess, A Thief’s End picks up several years after the last game with Drake being pulled out of retirement for a reason we as of yet do not know. We did get to see the game in action finally at PSX a few weekends back and boy does it look as good as ever.

Other notable games: Dying Light, Evolve, Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Order 1886, Star Wars Battlefront

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Can’t wait for the return of the Drake!

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