The Inquisition Grows! More Dragon Age Content Now Available

From what I’ve heard, Dragon Age Inquisition is an absolutely massive game. In addition to featuring a lengthy campaign, the game also comes packed with side content, collectibles, things to fight, multiplayer, and places to explore, that realistically, you could lose hundreds of hours of your life to Bioware’s latest. I’m looking forward to dropping into this game once I clear out some of my backlog as I want to just absorb this world without having it compete for time with something else. So that’s my excuse.


If you’re someone who needs even more content on top of the default package, then you’ll be happy to know that Bioware has released some new DLC for Inquisition.

The first is a free update to Inquisition’s multiplayer mode known as Destruction. This update adds additional paths on the various maps for you to explore and also adds wildlife which has a chance to help or attack you. Hey, more cannon fodder for your badass mage, right?

For you single player purists, you may be interested to know that a Deluxe Upgrade pack is available for ten bucks. Essentially, this pack gives players who opted for the standard edition of the game, the chance to grab the content from the deluxe edition. In it, you’ll be getting flame based weapons, a bog unicorn mount, multiplayer chests, the game’s soundtrack, Red Hart Halla mount, and the Skyhold Throne.

All this stuff is available now on your platform of choice. Happy hunting Inquisitors.

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2 Responses to The Inquisition Grows! More Dragon Age Content Now Available

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Love this game so far, but the Deluxe pack isn’t worth it. The other stuff in the game is much better.

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