15 Minutes of Awesome – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End PSX 2014 Gameplay

This past weekend was pretty jam packed with content if you’re a fan of games and to be honest, if you’re currently reading this article, I’d have to assume that you are in fact a fan of games.

On Friday, Geoff Keighley introduced us to his new awards show: The Game Awards, which turned out to be a marathon four hours of awards, music, and reveals. It was a little too long for my tastes and some of the awards they handed out were, in my opinion, a bit unnecessary, but we did get to see some pretty cool reveals like Metal Gear Online, The Legend of Zelda WiiU gameplay, The Witcher 3, more No Man’s Sky, and more The Order: 1886 gameplay to name a few.

Sony was also celebrating their 20 years of PlayStation with the PlayStation Experience show taking place in Las Vegas this past weekend. Celebrating all things PlayStation, there were also some big reveals like the news that a new God of War is coming, Street Fighter V is being developed for the PC and PS4 exclusively, and other PlayStation exclusive news and details for titles such as Uncharted 4.

After being teased this past June during E3, Sony felt the time was right to finally reveal fifteen minutes worth of gameplay right from the PlayStation 4 title. Picking up several years after Uncharted 3, our fearless treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, is now retired from that lifestyle. Nothing comes easy to reformed thieves however as he’s soon forced back into his old lifestyle in order to track down a mythical pirate’s treasure. The gameplay demo below shows off a number of key elements such as traversal stealth, exploration in lush vistas, and of course, third person cover shooting. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’re going to have a lot to love. Again, the attention to detail Naughty Dog places on their games is just unreal even in this demo gameplay.

While we don’t have a solid release date yet on (what is to be believed) Drake’s last adventure, Naughty Dog did confirm that it will be in players hands in 2015. For now though, feel free to drool over this gameplay footage.

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