Evolve Details It’s Evacuation Mode

Turtle Rock has finally detailed what many people were curious about with their upcoming shooter, Evolve. Evacuation is a game mode which closely mirror’s a campaign, featuring a dynamic set of five matches for the monster and the hunters which are effected by the previous match’s results.

Designed for solo players as well as anywhere up to five people, Evacuation features five rounds pitting the monster against the four hunters. While the first round is always the game mode “Hunt” (as seen in the Big Alpha), players will be able to select the next mode for the upcoming round either “Nest” or “Rescue”. Nest sees the hunters trying to destroy various monster egg locations while the monster races to them to hatch a supporting mini-monster for backup. Rescue tasks the hunters with saving wounded civilians before the monster. After four rounds are finished, the final round moves to “Defend” which is kind of like the final section in Left 4 Dead. The monster leads waves of enemies against a heavily guarded human shelter. If the hunters can hold out, they’ll manage to escape as victors.

Not only that, depending on the results of the previous match, something will change in the upcoming mode. For example, on the dam map, if the hunters manage to survive and take down the monster before it can evolve to level 3 and destroy the dam’s generator, the next match will add a modifier that will help the hunters by cutting the map in half with Perimeter Defenses being activated. Turtle Rock says there’s over 800,000 possible variations, which is a mind bending number in and of itself. Looks like for those of you worried about variety and things to do, Turtle Rock just made your day. Evolve hits stores on February 10, 2015.

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1 Response to Evolve Details It’s Evacuation Mode

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I never got into Left 4 Dead, but I thought the way it’s multiplayer matches had a sort of progression to them was always really cool. It’s great to see that kind of system coming back in this game, and honestly if it plays as good as it sounds it’ll probably make the difference between a pass and a buy for me. Looking really good so far though!

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