Gobble, Gobble: It’s Thanksgiving Time!

It certainly has been a busy few weeks few new releases hasn’t it. Thankfully, a much needed vacation is upon us so it’s time scoot over to make room on the couch for Uncle Jasper and Aunt Bertha as that vaunted family holiday finally arrives on Thursday: Thanksgiving.

As any red blooded American will tell you, we love Thanksgiving. Sure, it’s a time to see family and to celebrate, but lets be honest, it’s all about the food. Thanksgiving represents a day where we all sit around a table, give thanks, stuff ourselves with various delights, and then pass out in a food coma. Oh, and American football, as well. Before I make you even more hungry and to stop myself from further drooling on my keyboard, today’s post is here to let you know that I’m taking a small break from the blog while the holiday rages on. Well, mainly just today and tomorrow.

So as we prepare to drift off into a tryptophan induced slumber, make sure to set your alarms for this Saturday when I fire up the ol’ site once more to bring video goodness to your eyeballs. If you’re looking for something to occupy your time, why not make a trip over to my YouTube page and watch some videos? A few new Assassin’s Creed related videos just went live earlier this week.

To those of you that celebrate it, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and I’ll see you all right back here for a brand new Saturday Video Round Up.  Gobble Gobble!

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