Online Content Giants Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen Join Forces

For fans of the Halo machinima series Red vs Blue or the large amount of other web content like Achievement Hunter and Social Disorder, there’s some big news that was just announced by the creative folks at Rooster Teeth.

In a post on their main site, creative director, Michael “Burnie” Burns revealed that the popular media company has been acquired by Fullscreen, the largest independent YouTube network made up of global content creators and brands. This new alliance makes them the largest online content providers in the world.

Actual details have not been disclosed at the time of this post, but from what I’m hearing, both teams at Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen will not be affected and everyone will remain where they were prior to the purchase. From what limited information we have, the major benefit for Rooster Teeth is that they now have access to a much larger production budget meaning that their content will be even better. So you should be seeing more content, better content, and potentially even bigger content in the years to come.

I still find it amazing how much these guys have grown in the 10+ years they’ve been around. Congrats to the Rooster Teeth team and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what’s around the corner for them.

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