Beware: Zombies Shamble Towards Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Fan of zombie hunting rejoice! If the reports are true, Call of Duty fans won’t have to wait for Treyarch’s next entry in the long running shooter franchise to stomp some undead.


After an initial trailer leaked (and Activision’s legal team quickly removed them), GameStop has now let slip that zombies will be coming to the recently released Advanced Warfare. According to a press release, the mode will be offered in the game’s season pass, which houses four DLC packs (maps and guns) for a discounted price of $49.99. From what I’ve read, the map contains a massive railgun on top of some sort of high point or twoer, letting players lay waste to everything below.

At this time, there’s no official word from Sledgehammer or Activision but considering this has leaked from multiple sources, there’s a very good chance that this is actually happening. Currently there’s no time frame and we don’t know which DLC pack will offer this mode. I’m sure with the game now out in the wild and the leaks coming fast and furious, news will be hitting soon. For now, get out there soldier and butt stomp some enemies with your exo suit.

For those who don’t mind a few spoilers, I may have more zombie details for you regarding the core Advanced Warfare experience. Click below the jump for more…

Considering that the game is now out, people have put the game to the test and discovered a sort of easter egg somewhat hidden in the games survival mode. If you manage to unlock every single map to use in survival and then finish 10 rounds on the last unlocked map: Riot. Do this and the final wave will be a traditional zombie wave and if you survive that, you’ll unlock a zombie skin to use in general multiplayer. There’s no shortcut or easy way to do this, you’ll need to play survival and finish rounds on various maps (divided into tiers) and after completing various rounds, you’ll start unlocking higher tiers with new maps.

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