Tactical Assist: Shadow of Mordor Hunting Challenge Guide

There’s no denying that Shadow of Mordor is a robust game, filled to the brim with content. Currently, I’m nearing 30 hours total invested in this game and I’m still finding things to do and hold my attention. If you haven’t already, definitely have a look at this game, it’s damn fun.

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It’s been a while since my guides, Tactical Assist, made a contribution to the site, and with specific hunting challenges making up a part of Mordor, I figured what better time to bring it back. Below the jump you’ll find all ten challenges detailed and filled with tips and tricks to help you complete them.

If there’s a game you’d like to see featured here, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

Full guide below the jump…

Challenge 1: Kill 3 Ungol Spiders
How To Complete It:
These things are very commonly found running around Mordor in both Udun and Nurn. Just activate your Wraith vision and you should see these little guys scurrying around. Bow kill three of them.

Challenge 2: Kill 5 Flying Creatures
How To Complete It:
Another easy one as there’s a ton of creatures typically flying around in the skies from bats to birds.

Challenge 3: Kill 3 Caragor
How To Complete It:
Finally, a bigger challenge as these creatures will viciously fight back. Caragors are quite common in Mordor whether caged by the Uruks or roaming the land. The best method for these things is to stay on high ground and fire two arrows into their heads. At an early stage in the game, these creatures can be a lot to handle and can take you down very quickly. Later on you can dominate these creatures which will allow you to take them out much easier.

Challenge 4: Kill 4 Mordor Rats
How To Complete It:
Pretty much the same strategy you used on the Ungol spiders would apply here. See Challenge 1.

Challenge 5: Kill 8 Ghul
How To Complete It:
Ghul are weaker creatures who attack in numbers. They’re drawn out at night or can be found in caves around Mordor. They attack at random during the night so don’t expect to find them anywhere during the daytime. You can advance the day/night cycle by advancing time at a spirit tower. Keep in mind that this will also update the nemesis system so expect Sauron’s Army to reshuffle.

Challenge 6: Kill 3 Morgul Bats
How To Complete It:
The toughest part of this challenge is finding where the bats are. These bats tend to stick to cave openings so you should probably head near a cave on the map and look up in the sky. I’ve also found bats flying around the stronghold in Udun near the center of the map. Outside of caves would be your best bet however.

Challenge 7: Kill 1 Graug
How To Complete It:
This will definitely be your hardest task so far as Graug’s are extremely dangerous to take on alone, especially if you have not done any of Torvin’s hunting story missions yet. These massive trolls can be found causing havoc out in the world or deep within caves. If you don’t want to wait for the dwarf missions (which make these challenge a lot easier) then you’ll want to stealth attack the graug from behind to bleed it. Then shoot it in the face with arrows to stun it and allow for the quick time event attack move. Repeat this process while keeping your distance.

Challenge 8: Kill a Dire Caragor
How To Complete It:
A hulked out version of normal caragors, the easiest spot to find these guys are in the western flatlands of Nurn. When using Wraith vision, these beasts will be highlighted in red instead of blue like normal caragors.

Challenge 9: Kill a Ghul Matron
How To Complete It:
One of the trickier enemies to face off against, there’s no sure fire way to find one out in the wild. The number one rule to know is that it absolutely has to be night time. Thankfully, you can manipulate the time of day by advancing time at the spirit towers. Keep in mind that this will also affect your Nemesis System.

One you are attacked by normal ghuls, let at least 1 escape as he’ll bring reinforcements. You’ll know they’re running when a flashing icon appears over their head. When new enemies appear, there’s a good chance that a Matron is with them. Keep trying this until one (or two in my case) appear.

Challenge 10: Killed a Horned Graug
How To Complete It:
One of the more rare and deadly beasts in Mordor, there’s two really easy ways to complete this one.

1. Wait to do the final hunting story mission with Torvin the dwarf. You’ll need to kill one of these which will count for this objective if you’re currently at this one.

2. There’s a cave in the western flatlands of Nurn. Inside will spawn either ghuls, caragors, or graugs. You can rotate what spawns in these by fast travelling to the spirit tower nearby until you find what you need.

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  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Didn’t even notice these quests in the game. Thanks for the info!

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