Photo Mode Comes to Super Smash Bros WiiU and other Smash Rumors

If you’ve been here for a little bit or are following me on Twitter, you may know that I’m a bit addicted to Photo Mode in games most notably on the PlayStation 4 (coming soon to Xbox One). As it turns out, this mode is now also making it’s way over to Super Smash Bros on the WiiU.

Revealed by the game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai on the game’s MiiVerse page, you’ll be able to take character trophies and pose them in the game’s Photo Studio mode. Based on the screenshot in the MiiVerse post, it looks like you’ll have a lot of creative freedom to make some interesting and humorous photos. The picture uploaded by Sakurai show’s Zael from ‘The Last Story’ taking a Superspicy Curry item from Master Hand.

“No…! You mustn’t let that curry lure you in…!!” writes Sakurai.

Okay, so this may not quite be like what we’ve been getting with other games and their photo modes, but it’s still an interesting mode that lets players flex their creativity. I’m all for that.

In other Smash bros news, Amazon may have also (accidentally) revealed a couple of new modes in this highly anticipated brawler. According to the posting, it appears that players will also be able to create their own stages and scenarios, along with playing a brand new board game style mode. With Master and Crazy Hand representing the new modes in the Amazon leak, it appears this may not be a rumor at all as this MiiVerse screenshot tease may indicate. There’s no official word from Nintendo yet, but with the game’s release date about a month away, we may get answers sooner than later.

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2 Responses to Photo Mode Comes to Super Smash Bros WiiU and other Smash Rumors

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Trophy photo mode sounds fun! Sounds like it’ll take a bit of imagination to really draw out its full potential.

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