Goblins and Loot Visit Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Owners This Week

In celebration of that magical and spooky October holiday, the overseers at Blizzard are bringing some special treats to console players of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.



One of the game’s community managers, Lylirra, has detailed some changes coming this week in support/celebration of the 2.1.0 update. For simply logging into the game, all players will receive a temporary buff which will have different effects depending on if your a previous or current generation console owner.

For Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 owners
If you’re playing on these consoles, you’ll get a boost of 100% to your XP gathering during this week. The better news? It’ll stack with other XP enhancing bonuses as well including those from shrines, items, or pools of reflection. You’ll be going from zero to hero in no time now!

For PlayStation 4/Xbox One owners
You guys will be getting visits from the Treasure Goblin two times as much. Double the rate you’ll see the little guy and double your chance at seeing the newly added “Treasure Vault” and Baroness Greed.

The buff should already be appearing for players as of October 10, and will last until October 17 at 12am US Pacific Daylight Time. If you want an update on what the recent 2.1.0 patch unleashed on the game (Spoiler: a lot), then make sure to read the patch notes here. So get out there and get looting! Happy treasure hunting, heroes!

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