Xbox One UI Updates and Changes Revealed

Good news for you Xbox One UI enthusiasts. While speaking with “The Inner Circle” podcast recently, Xbox lord Phil Spencer, revealed that many requested features were being worked on including a screenshot capturing method and actual dashboard themes.

If you’re tired of looking at the same black background of your Xbox One dashboard, Microsoft is working on bringing customized themes to the console. It’ll be good to be able to change more than the color scheme once again.


Admitting that Microsoft has been beaten up a bit over the lack of a screenshot capture method, I have to think that before these new consoles released, this was a feature that only a small number of people were really looking forward to. I’ll be the first to admit that this has become one of my favorite aspects to the PlayStation 4 and was heightened even more after Second Son and it’s photo mode released. There’s plenty of games on the Xbox One that I wish I could have had a feature like this for, so I’m excited to see them actively making this happen.

As of right now there’s no solid time frame for when these features will release, but if you want all the details and news, here’s a link to the podcast video up on YouTube.

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