Dragon Age Inquisition and It’s Detailed Customization

We’re now into the month of October and the release schedule is pretty much bonkers. Sure, it may not be quite the way it once was, but as it is each year, October marks the start of the fall gaming rush. One of those highly anticipated titles is a brand new next entry into the Dragon Age franchise with ‘Inquisition’ slated to hit PC and the Xbox/PlayStation consoles in November.


My Dragon Age career began with the second game and I know for the majority of you, that may be a giant red flag. Still, even with all of it’s flaws, I did enjoy what DAII was trying to do and am looking forward to Inquisition. Recently, BioWare put out a couple of videos detailing way you can leave your mark on the game through customization. I was absolutely blown away by how detailed you can go when creating your character. It features options for things I’ll probably never even bother with including being able to set you nose bridge size, Adam’s apple, double chin, and cheek shape to name a few. It’s absolutely bonkers but is something the hardcore fans will absolutely love.

The other video details another type of customization: weapon and item crafting. Alchemy seems to play a big role letting you create everything from potions, to buffing tonics, to even weapons like fire grenades. Weapons and equipment can be found in the world through loot, crafted from schematics, or bought from merchants outright. Not only that, each party member can be fully customized from their armor to their actual loadout. The power is in your hands, people.

It’s safe to say that BioWare seems to be pulling out all the stops with this latest entry, perhaps trying to bring back the fans that were dismayed with the second game. It’s a great start and I’m looking forward to seeing more from this one. I’ve gone ahead and attached both videos below for you.

Character Creation


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