Tactical Assist: Destiny Achievement Glitches and Patrol Icons Explained

Whether you hate or love Destiny, there’s no denying that some of the game mechanics are a little vague, none more so than those little mission icons when you’re patrolling a particular celestial body. What does a double triangle mean, or a circle with a star in the middle? Why do I keep finding patrol missions that want me to scan areas, I hate those!

Lucky for you, I’ve gone ahead and created a handy video explaining what each icon means in terms of the requirement to complete it. This way, hopefully you can avoid the ones you hate doing.

As a bonus, I’ve also put together a video explaining the odd achievement glitches that (at least) the Xbox One version suffers from. At the time of this writing, Bungie has not yet updated the game to fix those issues. That’s quite alright though because the fix is very easy and the game does save your progress so they should unlock instantly if you’ve met the requirements.

So check out the videos below and happy hunting guardians!

Fixing Achievement Glitches

What Are These Patrol Icons?

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1 Response to Tactical Assist: Destiny Achievement Glitches and Patrol Icons Explained

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    It’s been quite disappointing how much is missing in this game, like an explanation for what those icons meant. A video like this would have been handy earlier. I only recently figured them out…not too proud of that…

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