Come Watch 20 Minutes of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Slated for a vague 2015 release date, Hideo Kojima and his team brought a brand new 20 minute demo to the Tokyo Game Show 2014 to show off. Thankfully, it’s been put up on YouTube for all of us to enjoy as well.

The demo will give you a great look at the level of detail the game is striving for as you can see little things like sand kicking up, lush vegetation, and some great looking visuals. The main draw to this gameplay revolves around the “buddy system” in this case displayed through the character Quiet. While Kojima was a bit vague in announcing other potential friends that can help Snake, the gameplay does show how the mechanic works. According to reports from English speaking journalistic sites like Game Informer, this system allows for the player to call in support by an AI character. The genius aspect to this is that the character does not wade in on foot with you, instead playing a key role from a distance or reacting to what you do. In this instance, Quiet can scout ahead, showing off enemy locations and other vital intel, assist in combat, protect you if an alarm is triggered, assist with a coop kill move, and other crazy types of moves like shooting a rocket out of midair. THe best part? You don’t need to babysit her, she’s capable of handling herself.

Here’s the demo footage and yes, it is in Japanese but that’s okay because it’s all about the gameplay, right? Enjoy!

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