Warner Bros Prepares A Service Known As ‘WB Play’

Here’s something interesting for your Monday morning.

It appears that Warner Brothers is about to jump on the digital marketplace service bandwagon after they trademarked the term “WB Play” recently as captured by The Escapist. With some very curious terminology being used, could this be WB’s push to be like Steam, Origin, UPlay or perhaps the more recent EA Access?

Looking at the trademark, you can clearly see descriptive phrases like “Downloadable virtual goods” and “downloadable electronic strategy and instructional guides for computer and video games” being used so it definitely looks like this is going to be some sort of all-in-one marketplace for WB titles. What this service will ultimately be like however is still up in the air. You have to wonder if this will affect their current/future offerings on other digital marketplaces like Steam if this is their version of the service.

As we know, Shadow of Mordor is the next big title to come from the publisher and what’s intriguing is that the WB Play logo is clearly visible in the top left corner of the main site. I’m wondering if this system will be a way to “unock” additional content such as runs, skins, and challenges for people to sign up or subscribe. With publishers looking for more ways to generate a cash flow to cover rising development costs, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was there way of trying to monetize their community. Considering the game is only a few weeks from launch, it’s fair to say that we’ll be getting a definitive answer sooner than later.

What do you think? Is this poised to be a digital marketplace platform or a way to get people to pay for additional content for their games?

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