Gunfire Games Forms From The Ashes of Vigil Games and Crytek USA

What a couple of years the former Vigil employees have had. Talk about turmoil…

After releasing Darksiders and Darksiders II, Vigil is forced to shut down during the THQ financial collapse. Unfortunately for them, their IPs are sold off and no one bids toacquire the studio, forcing them to disband. Seeing an opportunity, Crytek steps in to save the employees and forms a branch office called Crytek USA who begin working on a free to play action game for PC called Hunt: Horrors of the Guilded Age. Then things begin to unravel again. Reports begin to circulate that employees are missing paychecks and communication between development studios such as Crytek UK and the USA branch and the headquarters in Germany breaks down. Just recently it was announced that Crytek has sold off the Homefront IP to Deep Silver, who immediately set up a new studio for those employees to continue working on Homefront The Revolution for them. News also broke at this time that Crytek also laid off most of the staff at Crytek USA.

As you can see, after a lot of positivity and success with their Darksiders franchise, the former group at Vigil Games has had a lot of heartache since. Thankfully, things may just be turning around for them as the core team from Vigil and Crytek USA have created a new studio known as Gunfire Games. I guess we should also be calling them survivors.

Led by David Adams and Matt Guzenda, Gunfire Games is currently made up of the Crytek USA/Vigil studio leads. The team is looking to control their own destiny and keeping their options open for the time being. What’s intriguing is that they’re looking into the possibility of returning to Darksiders, which would mean working with Nordic Games who purchased the IP but has not announced any plans for the franchise. Perhaps we’ll eventually get that Darksiders 3 after all.

Glad to see the former Vigil Games still alive and kicking after such a wild rollercoaster ride. I wish the gang at Gunfire Games all the best going forward.

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3 Responses to Gunfire Games Forms From The Ashes of Vigil Games and Crytek USA

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I still find it strange that Crytek seems to be implodng, they’ve always seemed so stable. It’s great that these guys were able to find a way to salvage their situation though, the best of luck to them.

    • Yeah, not really sure what happened. Ryse probably didn’t sell as well as they hoped but I mean, they’re still getting income from their game engine and the other F2P games out there. Plus, the Crysis games sold well I think…either way, if you’re running into financial issues after being successful, perhaps it’s time to look at how the business is run?

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