A Game A Day Keeps Kids Okay! Finally Proof That Games Help Children

Finally! Science and modern medicine has proven what many of us believed all along regarding gaming. That’s right, when your mom questions you playing games for so long, you can tell her that doctors say it’s good for your social development.

Oxford University led the charge and found that actively playing games helps kids become socially adjusted than those who don’t. The test was conducted by Dr. Andrew Przybylski who surveyed over 5,000 kids between 10-15 with 75% saying that played games every day. The test focused on how these children got along with their peers, how likely they were to help people in trouble, and overall satisfaction in their lives. When the results were compared to children who did not play games, it was discovered that those who played a game for less than an hour were the most likely to report satisfaction and suffer less from hyperactivity or “emotional issues.”

The group also found that playing games gives children a common language in social situations which may isolate those who do not play. It’s a fascinating discovery though I do wonder if the results would be the same for kids who play in excess of an hour. As we know (and some are living examples), some kids can easily sink hours into a game on any given day, so I’m curious to see if there is a line to where the behavior starts to become detrimental.

So fire up the ol’ PC or console of your choice and get to playing! Science demands it! Okay, so maybe binging on games for 4 plus hours isn’t exactly what doctors had in mind.

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