Destiny Reveals End Game Content

Many games like to funnel you into their multiplayer elements after the single player story is completed. While the multiplayer side is where many developers place their “end game” content, Destiny is entirely online so many of you may be wondering what you’ll be doing after finishing the story. In a conversation with IGN last week, Bungie’s Luke Smith shed some light on Destiny’s end game content outside of the Crucible PvP modes.


Since it’s reveal, Destiny has been compared to a first person shooter MMO and Bungie seems to have taken that comparison to heart. After level 20 is reached and the story has long been completed, players will have the option to start participating in Raids. If you’re an MMO player, the terminology is intentional. Raids are highly challenging missions designed for six players and are meant to be highly replayable and long. These missions will take a couple hours to complete at least, you’ll probably die a whole lot, but will also contain some of the game’s best loot. Interesting enough, Raids are only open to friends only so you won’t be able to use matchmaking to find a squad. I won’t blame Xbox 360 ODST players if you are having FireFight flashbacks because the technical details surrounding raids are very similar.

The main reason Bungie opted for a friends only style to Raids is that these missions demand cooperation and communication in order to complete and they didn’t want these missions to be played by a group of strangers who may not speak to one another.

Bungie also promises that Raids will have other elements to them outside of traditional corridor shooting. They’ve incorporated elements that absolutely require all 6 players to do at once or help to pass through such as puzzles and also massive boss characters as well.

If you’re not into Raids, Bungie is also working on adding bounties, daily and weekly content along with challenges (called Nightfall missions) for you lone wolves to accomplish. There will be level 20+ Strikes that open up for players as well.

While there seems to be a good amount of content for players waiting for them at the end of the Campaign road, how does the news of “Friends Only” Raid missions sound to you?

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2 Responses to Destiny Reveals End Game Content

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    I like the emphasis on making sure that the groups taking these things on will be comprised of people who are willing to talk to each other, however I think there’s a flaw here. How many of us have enough “friends” to fill one of these parties?

    I might have just enough, as I know 5 people besides myself who currently own a PS4 (the platform I’m playing on) and of those only 3 are getting the game for certain. Assuming the others get the game too, we all work different schedules and so are rarely are able to play anything together. Coordinating anything online with more than 3 people has always been a challenge.

    I suppose it’s not a problem, I could probably join one of the clans/guilds/groups that will inevitably form around the game, but it would have been nice to just play these Raids without all the extra hassle.

    • Completely agree. The scheduling aspect just seems like such a chore, especially if you’re out of college with families and a career. Trying to organize and sync times is just going to be a nightmare.

      Granted, I understand their angle on Raids, but for a modern society, giving us the option to use matchmaking would have been a better approach.

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