My PlayStation Share Photo Album

It’s kind of odd yet funny in a way. One of my favorite aspects of the PlayStation 4 is that silly little share button on the controller. I find a sort of joy in capturing screenshots or videos while playing. To that end, you could easily call inFAMOUS Second Son an enabler as they added a photo mode to the game which made capturing screenshots so incredibly easy and fun. It’s one of the more simpler elements to the console and yet, it’s also one I find so compelling.

With that said, I figured I’d take some time now to share with you all some of the screenshots and videos I’ve captured so far including content from Watch_Dogs, Transistor, and a few others. It’s such a simple yet fun feature to the console. Enjoy!

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Captured Videos

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10 Responses to My PlayStation Share Photo Album

  1. I love that feature too. I used to always want to play games on my PC so I could screen cap easily, so it’s great being able to do that on PS4 now!

    • Yeah, so true. Honestly, at this point, any future games that feature a “Photo Mode” immediately have my interest as silly as that sounds. Even though I’ve already played through The Last of Us, when I found out that the Remastered version is coming with a photo mode as well, I’m not seriously considering picking it up. I may have a problem haha

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