Another 30 Minutes of Awesome: Dragon Age Inquisition E3 Walkthroughs

I’ll admit, I’m not a hardcore Dragon Age fan. I’ve really only played the second game in the series, which, if you ask a die hard fan of the series, they’ll explain how Dragon Age 2 wasn’t great. I enjoyed my time with it, but it did have a lot of issues such as heavy recycling of environments.

It’s probably because of all that that BioWare and EA have taken their time putting the latest entry together. Dragon Age Inquisition isn’t high on my list at the moment but I do have an interest in it. It looks like the game that BioWare wanted to make all along and just from what I’ve seen so far, I can tell a lot of care and detail has gone into the title. I’m still keeping my eyes on this one as we’re still a couple months out but so far, I’m impressed by what I’ve seen. Long gameplay walkthroughs like these certainly help.

In this demo from E3, creative director Mike Laidlaw, walks us through a massive landscape where Templars and Mages are vying for control placing the people who live there in some pretty hard times. What I found interesting is that you can go pretty much anywhere that you can see in the landscape. Not only that the place where they are in the video is larger than the entire play space of DA: Origins. If you want a look at the tactical combat as well, BioWare also put out a second detailed video with Mike showing that side of the game.

There’s a ton of information to process but one thing is for sure, DA: Inquisition looks phenomenal and just might be the Dragon Age game you’ve always wanted.  Enjoy!

Part 1 – World Focus

Part 2 – Combat Focus

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