Grab Your Battlesuit Because Battlefest Hits Battlefield 4 Tomorrow

Need something to do during the hot and barren months of the gaming year? EA and DICE are looking to lure you back to Battlefield 4 during their Battlefest promotion.

Starting tomorrow, players can log in for double XP which runs through the weekend. Not only that the “Battleshots” contest also kicks off where players can upload screenshots based on a theme for that day and potentially win a ton of prizes like an AMD video card for PCs, Battlefield Premium memberships, or a $50 gift card to the DICE store. The daily contest will be in full swing until August 13.


If you’re still looking for more battle content, DICE is also planning on giving away free camo on a weekly basis, create community based missions which will unlock gold battlepacks if completed in time, and hold video stunt competitions as well. The first community challenge kicks off on July 15 and runs until the 20th tasking players with performing 15 million revives all together.

Lastly, the next expansion pack, Dragon’s Teeth, is set to launch for premium members next week right in the heart of this promotion, bringing four new maps to the table, five new weapons, a new vehicle, and a new game mode called Chain Link.

Did you get your fill of the word ‘battle’ during this post? I think I hit my quota for the next couple years…

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