8 Minutes of Awesome: Sunset Overdrive RTX ’14 Gameplay

I like fun.

I don’t know about you, but these days, games are seemingly becoming more and more serious, gritty, or realistic. Not that I have a problem with any of that, I mean I play those as well, but if you’re someone who grew up in the old school days of the NES or SNES, remember when games strove to be just simply fun? Perhaps that’s why I have my eyes on Insomniac Game’s upcoming third person shooter, Sunset Overdrive.

Recently at the annual Rooster Teeth Expo down in Austin, Texas, Insomniac was there to show off 8 minutes of live gameplay of their frenetic and fast paced game. Sure, the gameplay being shown off is of the E3 2014 demo complete with Herker sub boss and theme park location but here you’re getting some commentary on top of that which may reveal some details you previously didn’t know. Plus, you know it’s not scripted because the main character does fall in combat a few times, so there’s that as well.

So leads have a look as Brandon Winfrey and James Stevenson walk us through the wildly colorful and fun looking gameplay demo. Enjoy!

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